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Design Council

The Design Council makes recommendations on the incorporation of art and aesthetic design into public improvements. The council further makes recommendations to the humanities and the City Council on the selection and promotion of public art. 

The Design Council also advises on the funding allocations for the Percent for Art Program Ordinance​. Per the ordinance: The Design Council shall endeavor to develop a collection of Public Art that is of the highest quality that will encompass a broad aesthetic range reflecting the City and the minds of its citizens; that will improve the quality of life in the area; that will be accessible to all individuals and will be a source of pride to residents. It shall seek to develop the Percent for Art Program and the associated Public Art Collection in such a way so it is intimately integrated into the fabric of the City of Wichita and reflects a broad range of community input and involvement by Artists and Art Professionals.

The Design Council is made up of eleven members appointed by the Mayor, comprised of the following: 

  • 2 architects 
  • 2 landscape architects 
  • 2 engineers 
  • 2 artists 
  • 1 graphic designer 
  • 2 representative at-large 

If you have questions regarding the Design Council, please contact Lindsay Benacka at​​


​​Seat Name​​
Tyler Cooper
Graphic Designer
Steve Vo
Matt Hamm
Susan Moeder
At Large
Greg Allison
Jessie Sterling
At Large
Armando Minjarez
Ellamonique Baccus
Matt Cortez
Jeff Best
Landscape Architect
Phil Meyer
Landscape Architect

​Meeting Videos ​​​

2023 Meeting Schedule

The board meets on the first Monday of each month at 10 a.m. in the 1st Floor Board Room at City Hall, 455 N Main.

  • January 9* 
  • February 6
  • March 6
  • April 3
  • May 1
  • June 5
  • July 10​​​
  • August 7
  • September 11*
  • October 2
  • November 6
  • December 4 ​
* Date change due to holiday
Agendas & Minutes​
22-11-7 DC Agenda Packet.pdf22-11-7 DC Agenda Packet
22-12-5 DC Agenda Packet.pdf22-12-5 DC Agenda Packet
23-01-09 DC Agenda Packet.pdf23-01-09 DC Agenda Packet
23-02-06 DC Agenda Packet.pdf23-02-06 DC Agenda Packet
23-03-06 DC Agenda Packet rev.pdf23-03-06 DC Agenda Packet rev
23-04-03 DC Agenda Packet.pdf23-04-03 DC Agenda Packet
23-05-01 DC Agenda Packet.pdf23-05-01 DC Agenda Packet
23-06-05 DC Agenda Packet.pdf23-06-05 DC Agenda Packet
23-07-10 DC Agenda Packet.pdf23-07-10 DC Agenda Packet
23-10-02 DC Agenda Packet.pdf23-10-02 DC Agenda Packet