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The Red Bud Trail entrances on Rock Road & Woodlawn are closed off. A fire was set inside two culverts roughly 42” in diameter and 60' long, collapsing part of the path. Staff is working to determine a timeline and cost to repair as well as investigating the cause of the fire. In the meantime, this area of the trail will remain closed.

The City of Wichita maintains more than 100 miles of bicycle paths, lanes and other bicycle facilities. Many of the paths travel through and along scenic areas, such as the Arkansas River.

Printed copies of the Greater Wichita Bike map are available at City Hall, neighborhoo​d city halls, libraries, bicycle shops, and many other locations. You can find the most recent number of miles of bikeways (lanes, paths, etc.) in Wichita listed in the Wichita Bicycle Master Plan Annual Implementation Report. You can also find information about bikeway projects under design and/or construction by checking out the Projects page.

Greater Wichita Bike Ma​​ps

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State of Kansas Bike Maps

State of Kansas Bicycle Map

Older Greater Wichita Bike Maps

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