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Pedestrian Crossing Treatment Guidelines


The Wichita Pedestrian Crossing Treatment Guidelines have been created in order to help ensure a consistent approach for the evaluation and installation of marked crosswalks in the City of Wichita. The purpose of the policy is to help provide for consistent applications of crosswalks to help increase safety and predictability for people walking and others. This project will help to implement the Wichita Pedestrian Master Plan Strategy 2.


The City of Wichita Pedestrian Crossing Treatment Guidelines include two tools.

  1. The Site Evaluation Process flowcharts, which describe the decision-making process that should be followed when considering the installation or re-marking of a crosswalk on any City street.
  2. The Crosswalk Treatment Recommendations tables provide guidance on the types of treatments to apply to a given crosswalk location based on several factors.​


These guidelines were developed by Toole Design Group for the City of Wichita, the guidelines are based upon research on the crosswalk marking policies of multiple U.S. cities1, guidance published by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Kansas statutes, and City of Wichita laws.

The Wichita Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board and a working group of City staff and community stakeholders provided feedback on the guidelines.


The Wichita Pedestrian Crossing Treatment Guidelines are currently in draft form and have not been approved or endorsed by the City.


The funding for these projects is provided by Health ICT, a Kansas Department of Health and Environment funded initiative that aims to reduce obesity, diabetes, heart attack, and stroke in Sedgwick County.​


Pedestrian Crossing Treatment Guidelines DRAFT.pdfPedestrian Crossing Treatment Guidelines DRAFT