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People First Neighborhood Pilot Project

What is it?

This project is an opportunity for community stakeholders to work with the City to create places that are designed for people first, with:

  • greater quality of life;
  • improved safety; and
  • more opportunities for people to interact.

The successful project will be targeted at a single intersection or block, and will result in the following activities at that location:

  1. community stakeholders working with a consultant (hired by the City using grant funds) and the City of Wichita to design physical improvements to the space;
  2. installation of low-cost temporary improvements (labor supplied by the community stakeholders with supplies purchased using grant funds);
  3. evaluation of the temporary improvements and modifications made as needed over an approximately 3 month long process;
  4. if the temporary improvements are successful, then production of final construction designs by the consultants for permanent improvements.

This project is made possible with generous support from the Knight Foundation Fund at the Wichita Community Foundation.


Possible examples improvements that might result from this project are listed below. You can find more information about these examples and other options by visiting the list of countermeasures at Pedestrian Safety Guide and Countermeasure Selection System and by reviewing the Wichita Pedestrian Master Plan.

Pedestrian Safety Guide and Countermeasure Selection System

  • mini-roundabouts
  • high visibility crosswalks
  • protected bike lanes/cycle tracks
  • curb-extensions
  • chicanes
  • public plazas
  • outdoor public seating/parklets
  • on-street parking
  • speed tables
  • improved bus stop(s)
  • sidewalk improvements
  • etc.

Application Process

The applications received by the City of Wichita will be reviewed by a committee of volunteer Wichita residents and/or stakeholders. The committee will select the winning application based on the following criteria:

​Criteria Description
Possible Points​
​Presence of existing bikeway or location where Wichita Bicycle Master Plan recommends future bikeway
Local matching funds and/or in-kind donation​ 10​
Community support (letters of support, etc.)​ 10​
Number of schools and/or senior housing locations within two blocks​ 10​
Location lends itself to permanent solution​ 10​

How to Apply

Individuals and/or organizations are eligible to submit applications. Only locations within the following boundaries will be considered for selection due to funding constraints.

  • North: 21st Street
  • East: Hillside Avenue
  • South: Mt. Vernon Road
  • West: St. Paul Avenue

Applications must have the attached People First Neighborhoods Project Form with signatures representing more than half of the properties abutting the intersection or along the street where the project is proposed.

Application Deadline

April 21, 2017 at 5pm

Deadline has passed