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Legislative Agendas


Each year the Wichita City Council approves a prioritized list of issues before the Kansas Legislature. Some involve proposed changes in state law that would improve the City's ability to provide quality service to its residents. Others are listed because of their potential impact on the City of Wichita and are monitored throughout the legislative session.

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2023 State Legislative Agenda.pdf2023 State Legislative Agenda
2022 State Legislative Agenda.pdf2022 State Legislative Agenda
2022 Federal Legislative Agenda.pdf2022 Federal Legislative Agenda
2020 Legislative Priorities.pdf2020 Legislative Priorities
2019 State Legislative Agenda.pdf2019 State Legislative Agenda
2019 Federal Legislative Agenda.pdf2019 Federal Legislative Agenda
2019 City of Wichita Legislative Priorities.pdf2019 City of Wichita Legislative Priorities
2018 State Legislative Agenda.pdf2018 State Legislative Agenda
2018 Federal Legislative Agenda.pdf2018 Federal Legislative Agenda
2017 State Legislative Agenda.pdf2017 State Legislative Agenda
2017 Federal Legislative Agenda.pdf2017 Federal Legislative Agenda
2016 State Legislative Agenda.pdf2016 State Legislative Agenda
2015 State Legislative Agenda.pdf2015 State Legislative Agenda
2014 State Legislative Agenda.pdf2014 State Legislative Agenda
2012 State and Federal Legislative Agenda.pdf2012 State and Federal Legislative Agenda
2011 State and Federal Legislative Agenda.pdf2011 State and Federal Legislative Agenda
2011 Federal Legislative Agenda.pdf2011 Federal Legislative Agenda
2010 State Legislative Agenda.pdf2010 State Legislative Agenda
2010 Federal Legislative Requests.pdf2010 Federal Legislative Requests
2009 Federal Legislative Requests.pdf2009 Federal Legislative Requests
2008 Federal Legislative Requests.pdf2008 Federal Legislative Requests
2007 Legislative Agenda.pdf2007 Legislative Agenda
2006 Legislative Agenda.pdf2006 Legislative Agenda
2005 Legislative Program.pdf2005 Legislative Program
2003 Legislative Program.pdf2003 Legislative Program
2002 Legislative Program.pdf2002 Legislative Program
2000 Legislative Program.pdf2000 Legislative Program