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Jeff Longwell, Mayor

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Mayor Longwell was elected to office in April 2015. He is a long-time resident of Wichita. He grew up in a west-side neighborhood and attended West High School and Wichita State University.

Leadership and stewardship has always been among his aspirations. Mayor Longwell began his community involvement as a member of the Maize School Board of Education where his children attended school. There he served 12 years, where his contributions grew to leadership roles, including serving in the offices of President, Vice-President and Governmental Relations.

These experiences led to his interest in running for City Council, where he succeeded and was appointed the District 5, City Council Member in April of 2007.

Mayor Longwell’s goals and objectives are to move the City of Wichita forward by promoting economic development among city and county lines, generating jobs and creating a business friendly environment.

Mayor Longwell has championed many issues related to improving the community including government accountability, accessibility and transparency; economic development and job creation; strategic regional partnerships; quality of life issues; a strong infrastructure; and public transit.

Mayor Longwell and his wife, Susie, have an adult daughter and twin adult sons, two daughter in-laws, a son in-law and three granddaughters.​


Mayor's Weekly Briefing​

2016 State of the City Address

​​Wichita made a lot of progress in 2015 and there are more exciting opportunities ahead! Mayor Jeff Longwell shares the highlights in his first State of the City address. But he’s skipping the speech and inviting you to watch this video instead when it’s convenient for you! It covers several key areas including: Quality of Life, Economic Development, Infrastructure, Public Safety and Regional & Community Partnerships.

Watch it. Share it.

Talk to us! How do you feel about the City’s progress and what are your hopes for Wichita’s future?​​​​