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​Council votes to approve Map B​

During the November 1, 2022 City Council meeting, the Council voted to approve Map B. The Council looked over the two maps recommended by the Commission of Electors that was appointed in July of 2022.  Th​e two maps adjusted election precincts to provide a deviation of five percent or less between the six districts. City Council voted 4-3 for Map B. The new district boundaries will become official on January 1, 2023. 

Redistricting Dashboard

The Redistricting Dashboard shows maps and data for current council districts, along with all of the proposed scenarios submitted by the Commission of Electors and Planning staff during this process. All of the maps are also available as downloadable PDFs at the bottom of this page.

View the 2022 Redistricting Scenario Summaries 

If you have questions about the redistricting process, proposed boundary maps, or the Commission of Electors, please email  

City of Wichita Commission of Electors Meetings

Meetings were open to the public and are available to view online on the City's YouTube channel

Watch the Redistricting Presentation for District Advisory Boards:

Agendas & Minutes

2022-07-12 CE Agenda.pdf2022-07-12 CE Agenda
2022-07-20 CE Agenda v3.pdf2022-07-20 CE Agenda v3
2022-07-27 CE Agenda v4.pdf2022-07-27 CE Agenda v4
2022-08-03 CE Agenda v1.pdf2022-08-03 CE Agenda v1
2022-08-10 CE Agenda (002).pdf2022-08-10 CE Agenda (002)
2022-08-17 CE Agenda v2.pdf2022-08-17 CE Agenda v2
2022-08-24 CE Agenda v5.pdf2022-08-24 CE Agenda v5
Commission of Electors Meeting 07122022.pdfCommission of Electors Meeting 07122022
Commission of Electors Meeting 07272022.pdfCommission of Electors Meeting 07272022
Commission of Electors Meeting 08032022.pdfCommission of Electors Meeting 08032022
Commission of Electors Meeting 08102022.pdfCommission of Electors Meeting 08102022
Commission of Electors Meeting 08172022.pdfCommission of Electors Meeting 08172022
Commission of Electors Meeting 08242022.pdfCommission of Electors Meeting 08242022

​Rec​ommended Maps


Other Documents

2020 Precinct Population.pdf2020 Precinct Population
2022 Election Districts.pdf2022 Election Districts
2022 Redistricting Open House Summary.pdf2022 Redistricting Open House Summary
Commission of Electors Meeting_7-27-2022_Maps.pdfCommission of Electors Meeting_7-27-2022_Maps
Commission of Electors Meeting_8-03-2022_Maps_.pdfCommission of Electors Meeting_8-03-2022_Maps_
Maps - Committee Scenario 2.pdfMaps - Committee Scenario 2
Maps - Committee Scenario 2A.pdfMaps - Committee Scenario 2A
Maps - Committee Scenario 2B.pdfMaps - Committee Scenario 2B
Maps - Committee Scenario 2C.pdfMaps - Committee Scenario 2C
Maps - Committee Scenario 2D.pdfMaps - Committee Scenario 2D
Maps - Committee Scenario 2D2.pdfMaps - Committee Scenario 2D2
Maps - Committee Scenario 2E.pdfMaps - Committee Scenario 2E
Maps - Committee Scenario 2F.pdfMaps - Committee Scenario 2F
Maps - Committee Scenario 2G.pdfMaps - Committee Scenario 2G
Maps - Committee Scenario 2H.pdfMaps - Committee Scenario 2H
Maps - Committee Scenario 2I.pdfMaps - Committee Scenario 2I
Maps - Committee Scenario 3.pdfMaps - Committee Scenario 3
Maps - Committee Scenario 3A.pdfMaps - Committee Scenario 3A
Maps - Committee Scenario 4.pdfMaps - Committee Scenario 4
Maps - Committee Scenario 5.pdfMaps - Committee Scenario 5
Maps - Press Scenario 1.pdfMaps - Press Scenario 1
Maps - Staff Scenario 1.pdfMaps - Staff Scenario 1
Maps - Staff Scenario 2.pdfMaps - Staff Scenario 2
Maps - Staff Scenario 2A.pdfMaps - Staff Scenario 2A
Maps - Staff Scenario 3.pdfMaps - Staff Scenario 3
Maps - Staff Scenario 4.pdfMaps - Staff Scenario 4
Maps - Staff Scenario 5.pdfMaps - Staff Scenario 5
Maps - Staff Scenario 6.pdfMaps - Staff Scenario 6
Maps - Staff Scenario 6A.pdfMaps - Staff Scenario 6A
Maps - Staff Scenario 7.pdfMaps - Staff Scenario 7
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