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Naftzger Park

​Naftzger Park to be redesigned as urban space event park.

Naftzger Park is a roughly one-acre park in Downtown Wichita.

The current park configuration includes a portion that lies on private property. The private property has notified the City of their intent to develop their land and and a request straighten out the existing property boundary. This re-alignment will allow for improved development of the private parcel as well as an improved park design.

The park is located at the southeast corner of Douglas and St. Francis and is a gateway to Intrust Bank Arena. Redesign of the park will allow for an open, porous, park that allows the free flow of event goers as well as open space for events before and after events or throughout the week.

Check back with us frequently for more updates.

Aerial of Naftzger Park - facing south.

​Four Design Concepts

The City has coordinated with the developer and the national architecture firm SWA Balsley (SWAB) to plan the redesign of Naftzger Park into a 21st century park. The team hosted a public forum on July 27 and 28 to seek input from the public. The forum sought to understand what the public likes and dislikes about the existing park as well as seek input on what they would like to see and not see in a new park.

SWAB took the public feedback and presented four design concepts to the City and public on August 10 and 11. The public was invited to provide feedback as to what they like and dislike for each of the concepts and to indicate a preference if they have one.

Please email us at and give us your input.

The design concepts are provided below.


The City plans to finance the improvements for Naftzger Park via $1,500,000 in Tax Increment Financing. The proposed adjacent development is expected to generate an increase in property taxes at a level to pay for the $1,500,000 in improvements.

The TIF district allows for improvements within Nafzger Park and these improvements are further limited to City infrastructure and park improvements. These funds cannot be used elsewhere in the City and the City investment will not occur unless development occurs on the adjacent site.

Although the City has had intentions to eventually update the park, the goal has been to wait for development that would support and complement a new park.

The Park lies within Project Area 11 of the Center City South TIF District. Increased property taxes generated by private investment in the property in blue, outside of Naftzger Park, will be used to finance the park improvements.