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Frequently Asked Questions

Bidding Procedures

expand Q : Are bid openings dates and times firm? Or is there some leeway to get a bid in? ‎(1)
expand Q : Can anyone attend a bid opening? ‎(1)
expand Q : How do I find out what goods or services are being bid by the City? ‎(1)
expand Q : Where are bid openings held? ‎(1)

General Procurement

expand Q : Are Buyers assigned to the procurement of specific commodities? ‎(1)
expand Q : Can agencies of the City buy goods or services on their own, without going through the Purchasing Division? ‎(1)
expand Q : Do all agencies of the City go through the Purchasing Division to buy goods and services? ‎(1)
expand Q : Does the City of Wichita have a law or policy that gives local or State of Kansas vendors preference "points" over out-of-state vendors on bids? ‎(1)
expand Q : How do vendors do business with the City of Wichita? ‎(1)
expand Q : What does the Purchasing Division purchase? ‎(1)

Pre-Bid Meetings

Request for Proposals

expand Q : Do I have to attend pre-bid meetings to be eligible to bid? ‎(1)
expand Q : What are pre-bid/pre-proposal meetings for? ‎(1)
expand Q : How are proposals evaluated? ‎(1)
expand Q : Is there a proposal opening? ‎(1)
expand Q : Is there consideration for emerging business or disadvantage business for the evaluation of proposals? ‎(1)
expand Q : What is the difference between a bid and a proposal? ‎(1)