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Burn Permits


A permit shall be obtained from the Wichita Fire Department for any open burning within the City of Wichita. Burn permit instructions and stipulations shall be adhered to.

Requirements for open burni​ng

  1. Required 1,000 foot clearance from any property line, structure, or roadway.
  2. Open burning shall not take place when wind velocity exceeds 15 mph.
  3. Responsible persons shall be present when burning is conducted and provide fire protection.
  4. Current Burn Permit must be on-site when burning.
  5. Fire must be completely out one hour before sundown (except by special permission).
  6. Fire Dispatcher must be notified at 9-1-1 each day prior to burning.
  7. No material shall be burned except types listed on the permit (generally only limbs and brush).
  8. Burning must not create dense smoke, smoke nuisance, or a traffic hazard.

When non-compliance of the requirements is observed, fire crews will terminate the burning and may issue a citation.​

Apply for a Burn Permit

If you want to apply for a permit or have questions about the process, please contact the Fire Prevention Office at (316) 268-4441.​