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City Hall will be closed Monday, May 30. For more information on other City facilities, read the press release.

Park & Recreation



Alfred MacDonald Park840 N Yale, 67208148.58
Bridgeport Soccer FieldsN.Ohio St near 35th, 672197.47
Chautauqua Park352 N. Chautauqua, 67214.5
Chisholm Creek Park3228 N. Oliver, 67220281.90
Chisholm Greenway10.00
Claude Lambe Park5115 E. 13th St. North, 6720811.39
Dr. Glen Dey Park (Grove Park)2801 N. Grove, 67219125.85
Eastview Park1544 N. Governeour Rd, 6720619.98
Edgemoor Park5813 E. 9th, 6720825.53
Emporia Park1143 N. Emporia1.09
Fairmount Park1647 N. Yale19.00
Hope Park1457 N. Emporia.10
K-96 Lake3317 N. Hillside Ave.112.00
Lynette Woodard Park2750 E. 18th Street North3.05
McAdams Park1329 E. 13th Street North57.46
Murdock Park1808 E. Murdock9.89
Piatt Memorial Park2037 N. Piatt1.45
Redbud Park5502 E. 19th Street North7.30
Sleepy Hollow Park3300 E. Edgemont7.64
Spruce Park1202 N. Spruce.77
Stryker Soccer Complex2999 N. Greenwich47.60
Third and Piatt Park347 N Piatt (Approximate).35


Barrington Park2010 N. Tee Time, 67212.68
Big Arkansas River Park3900 W. 21st Street North, 672032.08
Brownthrush Park533 N. Country Ave, 6721244.62
Buffalo Park10201 Hardtner, 6723538.17
Columbine Park2319 Columbine, 6720410.33
Country Acres Park754 N. Country Acres, 672122.10
Cowskin Greenway10516 W. Central Ave (Approximate), 6721227.06
Delano Park101 N. McLean, 67213.61
Evergreen Park2700 N. Woodland27.28
Exploration Park300 N. McLean Blvd.20.00
Finlay Ross Park123 W. Douglas.50
Harvest Park9500 Provincial Lane9.34
Hellers Park4401 Arkansas32.00
Indian Hills Greenway1300 N. McLean Boulevard3.20
Kiwanis Park5101 W. 2nd Street North6.77
Mayor's Pine Grove300 N. Water.77
Mead Island1300 N. Bitting5.00
Meridian Dog Park2127 N. Meridian8.10
Minisa Park704 W. 13th Street North9.60
Oak Park1100 W. 11th Street North37.50
Orchard Park4808 W. 9th Street North19.82
Otis Park1403 N. Market.54
Pat Garcia Veterans Memorial Park2640 N. Wellington1.59
Prospect Park1330 N. Main.54
Redbarn Park965 N. Redbarn Lane8.18
Riverside Park720 Nims118.00
Riverside Park - Central720 Nims58.00
Riverside Park - North1029 N. Bitting30.00
Riverside Park - South551 W. Central30.00
Schell Park1000 W. 24th Street North8.00
Sim Park2020 W. Murdock181.48
Sunset Park1851 N. Keith19.37
Swanson Park1011 N. Maize93.22
Sycamore Park3637 W. 15th Street North12.89
Veterans Memorial Park339 N. Greenway Blvd.3.50
Victoria Park1700 N. Park Place.37
West Meadows Park1433 Parkridge1.5
West Side Athletic Field571 N. McLean Boulevard24.83
Westlink Park736 Caddy Lane3.50
Woodland Park - North841 W. 21st Street North20.00
Woodland Park - South1900 Heiserman7.00


Boston Park6655 E. Zimmerly, 6720717.50
Cessna East Park6115 E. Mt. Vernon, 6721823.04
Cessna West Park5701 E. Kinkaid, 6721814.37
Chapin Park2400 E. MacArthur Road, 67216190.00
Chester I. Lewis Reflection Square205 E. Douglas, 67202.30
College Hill Park304 Circle Drive, 6721822.00
Cottonwood Park1300 S. Armour, 6720721.00
Cypress Park300 S. Edgemoor, 6721811.33
Emery Memorial Park2325 E. MacArthur, 6721630.30
Friendship Park1329 S. Terrace11.98
Garvey Park3501 S. Washington35.00
Goldenrod Park1340 S. Pattie2.05
Henry Park1325 S. Ellis2.00
Heritage Square Park115 E. William.45
Herman Hill Park101 E. Pawnee33.00
Hyde Park201 S. Greenwood2.41
Leon Robinson Park2700 S. Washington6.43
Lincoln Park1323 S. Topeka3.00
Linwood Park - North1734 South Kansas14.28
Linwood Park - South1901 S. Kansas51.12
Longview Neighborhood Park3914 E. Longview.52
McKnight Parkway400 S. Hydraulic4.49
Naftzger Memorial Park102 S. St. Francis.88
Paul Laurence Dunbar Park11th and Indiana.30
Phyllis Hall Memorial Park4270 E. Whitney Lane1.70
Planeview Park2819 Fees108.59
Rivera Park1301 Schweiter2.00
Schweiter Park900 S. Chautauqua9.00
Skyline Park533 S. Laura.42
Stearman Park3500 E. Cessna16.00
Towne Park2907 S. West Parkway4.34
W.B. Harrison Park1300 S. Webb40.15
Wichita Skatepark645 S. St. Francis.25


A. Price Woodard Park401 W Douglas, 672024.21
Air Capital Memorial Park9500 W. Kellogg, 672099.55
Aley Park1803 S. Seneca, 6721318.90
Alice Wall Memorial Park4506 S Doris, 6721512.49
Glenn Village Park1984 Greenfield1.00
Meadows Park12551 W. Maple51.38
O.J. Watson Park3022 S. McLean Blvd.119.00
Osage Park2121 W. 31st Street South20.00
Palisade Park5433 Palisade Avenue4.99
Pawnee Prairie Park2625 S. Tyler624.49
Riverview Park5317 N. Sullivan Ave. (Approximate)7.50
Seneca Park202 S. Seneca2.00
South Arkansas River Greenway3520 W. 71st Street South158.06
South Lakes Park2211 W. 47th Street South249.84
Southview Park2215 W. 45th Street South20.00
West Douglas Park3201 W. Douglas16.77
West Millbrook Park404 S. 119th Street West25.60
Wildwood Park2801 W. 27th Street South9.91
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