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Wichita Police Department


 How To Report..


How to report...
  a crime in progress
  a non-emergency crime
  traffic/sewer/water problems

  a wanted person
  an anonymous crime tip
  a compliment of an officer
  a complaint on an officer

How to report a crime in progress

Call 9-1-1. If you are witness to a crime that is in progress immediately call 9-1-1. Most crimes in progress are considered an emergency because a person or property is in danger. Under no circumstances should you put yourself in danger by approaching or chasing a suspect. Many times a suspect may be under the influence of drugs, intoxicated, or mentally impaired by other means and may have no regard to an innocent bystander or witness, particularly if this person has a weapon. Also, if you want an officer to come to your location for any reason, you will need to call 911. Officers can only be dispatched via 911 and the Sedgwick County dispatchers.


How to report a non-emergency crime

Some cases that do not require an officer to come to your location can be made over the phone. This saves officers time and keeps them available for higher priority calls. To make a report over the phone, please call case desk at 268-4221. Cases that can be made over the phone do not have any evidence to collect, do not have a suspect on scene, and do not need an officer to prevent a crime from occurring. Examples of cases that can be made over the phone include:

  • Auto thefts without suspect info or evidence

  • Gas run-offs

  • Non-injury accident reports (that occurred on private property)

  • Disorderly conduct reports

  • Disturbance over reports

  • Larceny reports without evidence

  • Lost property reports

  • Vandalism reports

Reports can also be made at any of the patrol substations. Each one is open from 8AM to 5PM, Monday-Friday and the contact info for each one is listed below:

Patrol East Bureau
350 S. Edgemoor
Wichita, KS 67218
(316) 350-3420

Patrol North Bureau
3015 E. 21st. St. North
Wichita, Kansas 67214
(316) 350-3400

Patrol South Bureau
211 E. Pawnee
Wichita, Kansas 67211
(316) 350-3440

Patrol West Bureau
661 N. Elder
Wichita, Kansas 67212
(316) 350-3460


How to report traffic problems

Traffic problems such as street/traffic lights out, street signs missing, or potholes and pavement can be directed to or 316-268-4448. If a traffic light is out, please include the intersection or address that it is at and the pole number if possible. The pole number is in black and white and will be in the following format: A12345.
    You can also use an online form to report street/traffic maintenance, stormwater maintenance, sewer maintenance, and water maintenance.


How to report a wanted person

If you have direct knowledge of a wanted persons location call 911 or any local law enforcement agency. Be prepared for the operator to ask you to provide as much information about the wanted person and how you know they are wanted. Never attempt to apprehend a wanted person, they may be armed and dangerous.


How to report an anonymous crime tip

Anonymous crime tips are handled through Crime Stoppers. You can find more information on them here. You can also submit a crime tip to the Wichita Police Department by filling out this form.


How to report a compliment of an officer

The Wichita Police Department is committed to rewarding its members for commendable performance. The Department recognizes its members who receive citizen praise for their performance through Commendable Performance Reports and other awards. These commendations become part of the employee's personnel file. If you wish to commend a member of the Wichita Police Department for a "job well done," you may either call that member's supervisor, write a letter to the Chief of Police, or send an e-mail here.

Employees of the Wichita Police Department take great pride in their work and they appreciate the gratitude expressed by citizens.


How to report a complaint on an officer

Citizens having a complaint about any member of the Wichita Police Department are encouraged to first contact that member's Bureau Commander or immediate supervisor. Most complaints can be resolved by the supervisor, who will determine the appropriate action to be taken after investigating the complaint. If the complaint is of a more serious nature, the supervisor will take an initial statement from the complainant and refer the matter to the Professional Standards Bureau for a formal investigation.

Citizens wishing to make a complaint directly to the Professional Standards Bureau should call (316) 268-4256 to make an appointment.  Complaints to Professional Standards are generally taken in person. A representative of the Professional Standards Bureau will meet with you privately and conduct a taped interview.  A complaint affidavit will also be completed, to document the facts of the complaint and allegations. The complaint will then be investigated by the Bureau and the results will be forwarded to the Chief of Police.  A letter will be sent to notify you of the findings in the investigation.

Citizens are encouraged to make complaints of inappropriate behavior or misconduct by any member of the Wichita Police Department, however all complaints must be made in good faith.  Your complaint will be received in a professional manner and you will be expected to conduct yourself the same way.  Unruly or inappropriate behavior on your part will not be tolerated.  Should the investigation determine that the person or persons acting as complainants or witnesses made statements during the course of the investigation that  he/she knew to be false, the Department may pursue criminal charges against the person or persons.  Civil action against an untruthful complainant may also be pursued by the employee who is the subject of a false complaint

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