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WAMPO, MAPD and MABCD are moving to the 271 Building at 271 W. 3rd Street. For more information on the move, read the press release.


Transition Plan




A Price Woodard Jr Park.pdfA Price Woodard Jr Park2008-01-17
African-American Center.pdfAfrican-American Center2008-02-29
Aley Park.pdfAley Park2008-01-17
Alford Branch Library.pdfAlford Branch Library2007-12-31
Atwater Neighborhood City Hall.pdfAtwater Neighborhood City Hall2008-02-29
Auburn Hills Golf Course.pdfAuburn Hills Golf Course2008-01-17
Barrington Park.pdfBarrington Park2008-01-18
Big Arkansas River Park.pdfBig Arkansas River Park2008-01-17
Boston Park and Community Center.pdfBoston Park and Community Center2008-01-17
Bridgeport Park.pdfBridgeport Park2008-01-17
Brownthrush Park.pdfBrownthrush Park2008-01-18
Buffalo Park.pdfBuffalo Park2008-01-17
Career Development Center.pdfCareer Development Center2008-02-29
Century II.pdfCentury II2008-02-29
Cessna Park East.pdfCessna Park East2008-01-17
Cessna Park West.pdfCessna Park West2008-01-17
Chisholm Creek Park North.pdfChisholm Creek Park North2008-01-17
City Hall.pdfCity Hall2008-02-29
Claude Lambe Park.pdfClaude Lambe Park2008-01-17
College Hill Park.pdfCollege Hill Park2008-01-17
Columbine Park.pdfColumbine Park2008-01-18
Colvin Neighborhood City Hall.pdfColvin Neighborhood City Hall2008-02-29
Completed Items No. 1.pdfCompleted Items No. 12008-05-02
Completed Items No. 2.pdfCompleted Items No. 22008-11-07
Cottonwood Park.pdfCottonwood Park2008-01-17
Country Acres Park.pdfCountry Acres Park2008-01-18
Cypress Park.pdfCypress Park2008-01-17
Delano Park.pdfDelano Park2008-01-18
Downtown Street Parking.pdfDowntown Street Parking2008-02-29
Eastview Park.pdfEastview Park2008-01-17
Ed Martin Trail.pdfEd Martin Trail2008-01-18
Edgemoor Park.pdfEdgemoor Park2008-01-17
Emery Memorial Park.pdfEmery Memorial Park2008-01-17
Emporia Park.pdfEmporia Park2008-01-17
Evergreen Branch Library.pdfEvergreen Branch Library2007-12-31
Evergreen Park and Neighborhood CityHall.pdfEvergreen Park and Neighborhood CityHall2008-01-17
Fairmont Park.pdfFairmont Park2008-01-17
Finlay Ross Park.pdfFinlay Ross Park2008-01-17
Finney State Office Building.pdfFinney State Office Building2008-02-29
Fire Station 01.pdfFire Station 012007-12-31
Fire Station 02.pdfFire Station 022007-12-31
Fire Station 03.pdfFire Station 032007-12-31
Fire Station 04.pdfFire Station 042007-12-31
Fire Station 05.pdfFire Station 052007-12-31
Fire Station 07.pdfFire Station 072007-12-31
Fire Station 08.pdfFire Station 082007-12-31
Fire Station 09.pdfFire Station 092007-12-31
Fire Station 10.pdfFire Station 102007-12-31
Fire Station 11.pdfFire Station 112007-12-31
Fire Station 12.pdfFire Station 122007-12-31
Fire Station 13.pdfFire Station 132007-12-31
Fire Station 14.pdfFire Station 142007-12-31
Fire Station 15.pdfFire Station 152007-12-31
Fire Station 16.pdfFire Station 162007-12-31
Fire Station 17.pdfFire Station 172007-12-31
Fire Station 18.pdfFire Station 182007-12-31
Fire Station 19.pdfFire Station 192007-12-31
Garvey Park.pdfGarvey Park2008-01-18
Glenn Village Park.pdfGlenn Village Park2008-01-18
Great Plains Nature Center.pdfGreat Plains Nature Center2008-01-17
Grove Park.pdfGrove Park2008-01-17
Harrison Park.pdfHarrison Park2008-01-17
Harvest Park.pdfHarvest Park2008-01-17
Health Department.pdfHealth Department2008-02-29
Hellers Park.pdfHellers Park2008-01-17
Henry Park.pdfHenry Park2008-01-18
Heritage Square Park.pdfHeritage Square Park2008-01-17
Herman Hill Park.pdfHerman Hill Park2008-01-18
Hill Top Center and Horizons Gym and Friendship Park.pdfHill Top Center and Horizons Gym and Friendship Park2008-01-17
Hispanic Center.pdfHispanic Center2008-02-29
Hope Park.pdfHope Park2008-01-17
Housing and Community Services.pdfHousing and Community Services2006-12-13
Hyatt Hotel.pdfHyatt Hotel2006-06-23
Hyde Park.pdfHyde Park2008-01-17
Index of Surveyed Buildings and Facilities.pdfIndex of Surveyed Buildings and Facilities2006-06-23
Individual Parking Lots and Parking Garages.pdfIndividual Parking Lots and Parking Garages2008-02-29
Indo-Chinese Center.pdfIndo-Chinese Center2008-02-29
Kansas Firefighters Museum.pdfKansas Firefighters Museum2008-02-29
Kansas Sports Hall of Fame.pdfKansas Sports Hall of Fame2008-02-29
Kiwanis Park.pdfKiwanis Park2008-01-17
La Petite Academy.pdfLa Petite Academy2008-02-29
Lawrence Dumont Stadium.pdfLawrence Dumont Stadium2008-02-29
Lincoln Park.pdfLincoln Park2008-01-17
Linwood Park North.pdfLinwood Park North2008-01-17
Linwood Park South.pdfLinwood Park South2008-01-17
Longview Neighborhood Park.pdfLongview Neighborhood Park2008-01-17
LW Clapp Golf Course.pdfLW Clapp Golf Course2008-01-17
Lynette Woodard Recreation Center.pdfLynette Woodard Recreation Center2008-02-29
MacDonald Park.pdfMacDonald Park2008-01-17
Main Branch Library.pdfMain Branch Library2007-12-31
Maya Angelou Branch Library.pdfMaya Angelou Branch Library2007-12-31
McAdams Recreation Center.pdfMcAdams Recreation Center2008-01-17
Meadows Park.pdfMeadows Park2008-01-18
Mid-America All-Indian Center.pdfMid-America All-Indian Center2008-02-29
Mid-Continent Airport.pdfMid-Continent Airport2008-02-29
Minisa Park.pdfMinisa Park2008-01-17
MTA Downtown Transit Center.pdfMTA Downtown Transit Center2008-02-29
Murdock Park.pdfMurdock Park2008-01-18
Museum of World Treasures.pdfMuseum of World Treasures2008-02-29
Naftzger Park.pdfNaftzger Park2008-01-17
Oak Park.pdfOak Park2008-01-17
OJ Watson Park.pdfOJ Watson Park2008-01-17
Old Town Cinema Plaza.pdfOld Town Cinema Plaza2008-02-29
Orchard Park Recreation Center.pdfOrchard Park Recreation Center2008-01-17
Osage Park.pdfOsage Park2008-01-17
Pawnee Prairie Park.pdfPawnee Prairie Park2008-01-17
Piatt Memorial Park.pdfPiatt Memorial Park2008-01-17
Planeview Park.pdfPlaneview Park2008-01-17
Police Station East.pdfPolice Station East2007-12-31
Police Station North.pdfPolice Station North2007-12-31
Police Station South.pdfPolice Station South2007-12-31
Police Station West.pdfPolice Station West2007-12-31
Prospect Park.pdfProspect Park2008-01-17
Redbarn Park.pdfRedbarn Park2008-01-17
Redbud Park.pdfRedbud Park2008-01-17
Reflection Park.pdfReflection Park2008-01-17
Rivera Park.pdfRivera Park
Riverside Park North.pdfRiverside Park North2008-01-17
Riverside Park South Tennis Center.pdfRiverside Park South Tennis Center2008-01-17
Riverside Park.pdfRiverside Park2008-01-17
Rockwell Branch Library.pdfRockwell Branch Library2007-12-31
Schell Park.pdfSchell Park2008-01-17
Schweiter Park.pdfSchweiter Park2008-01-17
Sedgwick County Historical Museum.pdfSedgwick County Historical Museum2008-02-29
Seneca Park.pdfSeneca Park2008-01-18
Sim Park.pdfSim Park2008-01-17
Skyline Park.pdfSkyline Park2008-01-17
Sleepy Hollow.pdfSleepy Hollow2008-01-17
South Lakes Park.pdfSouth Lakes Park2008-01-18
Southview Park.pdfSouthview Park2008-01-18
Spruce Park.pdfSpruce Park2008-01-17
Stanley Neighborhood City Hall.pdfStanley Neighborhood City Hall2008-02-29
Stryker Soccer Complex.pdfStryker Soccer Complex2008-01-17
Sunset Park.pdfSunset Park2008-01-18
Swanson Park.pdfSwanson Park2008-01-18
Sycamore Park.pdfSycamore Park2008-01-17
Towne Park.pdfTowne Park2008-01-17
Veterans Memorial Park.pdfVeterans Memorial Park2008-01-17
Victoria Park.pdfVictoria Park2008-01-17
Water Center.pdfWater Center2008-02-29
Water Wall.pdfWater Wall2008-01-17
West Douglas Park.pdfWest Douglas Park2008-01-18
West Meadows Park.pdfWest Meadows Park2008-01-18
West Millbrook Park.pdfWest Millbrook Park2008-01-18
Westlink Branch Library.pdfWestlink Branch Library2007-12-31
Westlink Park.pdfWestlink Park2008-01-18
Westside Athletic Fields.pdfWestside Athletic Fields2008-01-18
Whitney Village Park.pdfWhitney Village Park2008-01-17
Wichita Animal Shelter.pdfWichita Animal Shelter2008-02-29
Wichita Art Museum.pdfWichita Art Museum2008-02-29
Wichita Aviation Museum.pdfWichita Aviation Museum2008-02-29
Wichita Boat House.pdfWichita Boat House2008-02-29
Wichita Ice Center.pdfWichita Ice Center2008-02-29
Wichita Transit Operations Center.pdfWichita Transit Operations Center2006-10-27
Wildwood Park.pdfWildwood Park2008-01-18
Woodland Park North.pdfWoodland Park North2008-01-17
Woodland Park South.pdfWoodland Park South2008-01-17

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