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City Council

City Council Policies
Policy 01.pdfPolicy 01Summary of Administrative Regulations4/14/1983
Policy 02.pdfPolicy 02Financing of Public Improvements6/8/2010
Policy 03.pdfPolicy 03Archaelogocial Review of City Projects10/30/1979
Policy 04.pdfPolicy 04Off-Street Parking Improvements11/1/1974
Policy 05.pdfPolicy 05Prohibition or Restriction of Parking11/1/1974
Policy 06.pdfPolicy 06Policy for Reconstruction of Mat Streets8/24/1976
Policy 07.pdfPolicy 07Human Resources Policy1/5/1982
Policy 08.pdfPolicy 08Citizen Participation; Councils, Boards, and Commissions12/18/1990
Policy 09.pdfPolicy 09Zoning and Other Planning Items, Consideration of12/12/1996
Policy 10.pdfPolicy 10Extension of Time for Platting as a Condition of Zoning Change Approval5/21/1971
Policy 11.pdfPolicy 11Use of the City Seal11/1/1974
Policy 12.pdfPolicy 12General Revenue Sharing Policy and Procedures10/5/1981
Policy 13.pdfPolicy 13Advisory Committee/Naming of Public Facilities9/14/2010
Policy 14.pdfPolicy 14Sale of City of Wichita Bonds11/14/1967
Policy 15.pdfPolicy 15City Key Protocol3/3/1975
Policy 16.pdfPolicy 16USS Wichita Silver Service2/17/1975
Policy 17.pdfPolicy 17Acceptance, Display and Disposition of Gifts and Other Memorabilia by the City3/13/1975
Policy 18.pdfPolicy 18Dedicatory Plaques9/30/1975
Policy 19.pdfPolicy 19Zoning Policies (Statement Files)8/21/1978
Policy 20 - Form.pdfPolicy 20 - FormPolitical Campaigning, Political or Commercial Advertising, and Solicitations at Municipal Facilities9/9/2014
Policy 20.pdfPolicy 20Policy on Political Campaigning, Political or Commercial Advertising, and Solicitations at Municipal Facilities7/3/1979
Policy 21.pdfPolicy 21Vacation Proceedings12/16/1975
Policy 22.pdfPolicy 22Economic Development2/10/1976
Policy 23.pdfPolicy 23City Council Travel Expense Policy10/19/1993
Policy 24.pdfPolicy 24Housing8/7/1978
Policy 25.pdfPolicy 25Residence Requirements4/12/1994
Policy 26.pdfPolicy 26Comprehensive Area Energy Policy6/26/1979
Policy 27.pdfPolicy 27Guidelines for City of Wichita Street Lighting Program4/26/1980
Policy 28.pdfPolicy 28Bids on Building Construction Projects8/7/1984
Policy 29.pdfPolicy 29Sale of City of Wichita Bonds8/27/1985
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​City Council
455 N Main, 1st Floor
Wichita, KS 67202​

8 AM - 5 PM
Monday - Friday​


P: (316) 268-4331

F: (316) 858-7743

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