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WAMPO, MAPD and MABCD are moving to the 271 Building at 271 W. 3rd Street. For more information on the move, read the press release.

Human Resources

Pay & Benefits
Medical Benefits

Beginning 1/1/2016, City of Wichita's health benefit will be managed by Aetna.

2016 Aetna Health Care 
Aetna Heatlh Care provides the medical and prescription plans. The medical plan is a large PPO that does not require selecting a physician or referrals for specialty care. A self-referral option is included.  Both the Premium and Select Plans includes medical, RX and vision benefits.   

The City contributes approximately 80% of the premium, which includes medical, Rx and vision benefits.

ASI Cobra

Continued coverage is available under federal COBRA provisions.  You will receive information soon after leaving employment, and have 60 days to respond.  If you choose COBRA coverage, it will be effective the date after the regular coverage ended.  The benefits are the same, but you will pay 102% of the total premium.  (COBRA coverage is also available to dependents that lose coverage because of divorce, reaching limiting age, or marriage.)  There are limits to how long COBRA coverage last.


Aetna  provides mental health and substance abuse services through MHNet Behavioral Health.  Coventry and MHNet work with you to help address behavioral  

2016 Premium & Select Aetna Choice POS II Benefit Comparison
2016 Premium Summary of Benefits Coverage
2016 Select Summary of Benefits Coverage
Medical Summary Plan Description
Aetna Premium Enrollment and Change Form
Aetna Select Enrollment and Change Form
Aetna DocFind Instructions for Premium and Select Plans
MedTrak National Preferred Forumlary




Dental Coverage

Delta Dental

The City offers two Delta Dental Plans - Traditional and Preferred.  it is IMPORTANT for you to be sure you know

Traditional Plan
If you  are in the Traditional plan, there is a large list of dentists who participate.  If you use a dentist who does not participate, you still have coverage but will pay a bigger share than if you stay in the network.  For example, Delta will pay the percentage of its allowance it would pay a participating dentist.  You will be responsible for any balance between that payment and what the non-network dentist charges.  You may change your dentist any time. 

Preferred Plan
The Delta Preferred network is a much smaller dentist list.  You may use anyone on the list and change any time, but must stay on that list, or you have no coverage.  If you stay in the network, the benefits are the same as the Traditional Plan.

The Delta Preferred plan offers much lower premiums because those dentists agree to lower reimbursements.  This makes it affordable for more City employees, but is much more restrictive regarding dentists.

2016 Traditional Summary of Benefits
2016 Preferred Summary of Benefits

Search for Traditional Plan Dentists
Search for Preferred Plan Dentists

Delta Dental Traditional Enrollment Form
Delta Dental Preferred Enrollment Form

Delta Dental
1619 Waterfront Pkwy.
Wichita, KS 67206

Frequently Asked Questions - For Subscribers 




Vision Coverage

Both the Premium and Select medical plans include vision benefits.

Vision benefits are provided through Vision Service Plan (VSP) and provide benefits both in a network of optometrists and out-of-network.

In the network, there is no charge for the exam and a $40 co-payment for glasses if the frame selected is within the VSP allowance. Out-of-network, you may be reimbursed a portion of the exam and eyewear cost, depending on what is purchased. The allowance toward contact lenses is $150 in the network or outside.  Before seeking a provider, you might ask if they participate in VSP.

VSP Vision Benefits Summary
VSP Out-of-Network Reimbursement Form

Vision Service Plan (VSP)
3400 Morse Crossing
Columbus, OH  43219

Frequently Asked Questions - For Subscribers

Surency Flex Spending

Set aside money BEFORE you pay taxes on it.  When you set aside money in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), you lower your amount of taxable income, meaning you pay less in taxes each year.  Eligible expenses include but are not limited to:

  • Copays, coinsurance and deductibles
  • Eyeglasses and contact lenses
  • Physical therapy and chiropractic care
  • Prescriptions

When you set aside money in a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account, you lower your amount of taxable income, meaning you pay less in taxes each year.

Use money in your Dependent Care FSA to pay for day care, babysitting and general purpose day camps for your dependents who are under 13 years of age.

Pay for adult care services for dependent adults who are unable to care for themselves (live with you at least 8 hours per day).

Surency, the plan administrator, reimburses claims for qualifying and documented expenses on the same day received or the next day, either by check or direct deposit.  

Surency FSA Enrollment Form
Surency FSA Claim Form
Surency Enrollment/Change Notification
Surency FSA Rollover
Surency Enrollment Information

1619 N. Waterfront Pkwy
Wichita, KS 67206

Flexible Spending Frequently Asked Questions - For Subscribers



Life Insurance

Basic Life (Plan 1) for all employees is two (2) times your annual salary.  The City of Wichita pays for 2/3 of your cost for basic (Plan 1) amount of life insurance. 

There are 4 Class Definitions:

  • Class 1:  City Council members and City Managers - The maximum amount = $600,000
  • Class 2:  Firefighters who are members of IAFF - The maximum amount = $600,000
  • Class 3:  Police officers, members of Fraternal Order of Police, members of SEIU and Teamsters - The maximum amount = $150,000
  • Class 4:  All non-union employees - The maximum amount = $400,000

The premium is based on income and increases as income increases. 

Dependents Life insurance for your Spouse is available in the amount of $4,000.  You may also elect $4,000 of Dependents Life insurance for your eligible children (unmarried child from life birth through age 25). 

This plan also includes AD&D insurance from the Standard.  With Voluntary Life and AD&D insurance, you and your beneficiaries may be eligible to receive an additional benefit amount if the event of death or dismemberment as a result of an accident. 

Evidence of Insurability will not be required to apply for Plan 1 if applied within thirty (30) days of hire. 

Basic Life and Additional Life Enrollment Form
Beneficiary Change Form
Medical History Statement
Group Life Portability Insurance Application

The Standard
6800 College Blvd. Ste. 500
Overland Park, KS 67211





Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment

This employee-paid plan offers more AD&D coverage than the Group Life plan. Employees may choose additional amounts on themselves only, or to include family members, ranging from $25,000 up to $500,000.  The minimum amount you can elect is $25,000. 

If you elect AD&D coverage for yourself, you may also elect coverage for your spouse and/or dependent children.  The amount for each dependent is as follows: 


  • Spouse only, 60 percent of your coverage, not to exceed $250,000
  • Children only, 15 percent of your coverage for each child, not to exceed $30,000
  • Spouse and children, 50 percent of your coverage for your spouse, not to exceed $250,000; and 10 percent of your coverage for each child, not to exceed $30,000

The Standard Voluntary AD&D Enrollment Form
The Standard Voluntary AD&D Rate Sheet
The Standard Voluntary Life & AD&D Insurance
The Standard Voluntary AD&D Insurance Guide


The Standard
6800 College Blvd. Ste. 500
Overland Park, KS 67211


Long-term Care Insurance

This policy may help you be prepared for the financial realities and help you maintain control of some important decisions, such as:

  • Who would take care of me?
  • Where can I choose to receive care?
  • Would I be a burden on my children if my savings couldn't cover my care?

This employee-paid plan offers facility and home care benefits for employees, spouses and some other family members. Premium is determined by the coverage options selected.​

Unum Benefit Election Form
Unum Evidence of Insurability Application
Unum Election To Continue Your Insurance
Unum Claim Form
Unum Outline of Coverage

Calculate Your Premium 

2211 Congress Street
Portland, ME 01422



Long-term Disability Insurance

Long-term disability is intended to protect your income for a long duration after you have depleted any sick leave. 

You may not be eligible for benefits if you have received treatment for a condition within three (3) months prior to your effective date under this policy until you have been covered under the policy for twelve (12) months, or you remain treatment free for a period of three (3) consecutive months. 

Long-term disability coverage begins after your claim is approved and you satisfy an elimination period. 

The premium is based on age and City salary.  As your age and salary increase so will the premium. 

  • Covers approximately 60% of pre-disability salary
  • Covers work or non-work related disabilities
  • Long-term disability payments begin after three months of being disabled
  • Employees may elect minimum coverage of $400/month to a maximum of $8,000 per month 

Long Term Disability Summary of Benefits
Long Term Disability Enrollment Form
Long Term Disability Claim Form
Long Term Disability Evidence of Insurability
Long Term Disability Application for Portability 

Lincoln Financial Group
PO Box 2616
Omaha, NE 68103






Prescription Drug Benefits

Beginning 1/1/2016, the City of Wichita will use MedTrak Services to administer its Prescription Drug Plan

Before January 1, 2016, you will receive a new Aetna health insurance card.  Please contact Human Resources if you have not received your card.  There is a MedTrak RX bin number on this card.  Show this card to your pharmacist when you get a prescription filled on or after January 1, 2016. 

If you have questions or need help during this transition, please do not hesitate to call MedTrak at 800.771.4648. 


2016 MedTrak National Preferred Formulary
2016 MedTrak Orchard Mail Service Enrollment Form
2016 MedTrak Non-Covered Meds & Alternatives
2016 MedTrak FAQ

7101 College Blvd., Ste. 1000
Overland Park, KS  66210

Mail Order Service
Orchard Pharmaceutical Services
7835 Freedom Ave NW
North Canton, OH 44720


Deferred Compensation

This is a voluntary retirement investment program through a 457B program. This program is not matched by the city.

Cafeteria Plan (Pre-tax for medical premiums)

The Cafeteria plan is a benefit the City offers for deducting medical premiums for health and dental before tax that then generates a savings to you.  Participating in a cafeteria plan reduces an employee's taxable salary and increases the percentage of your take-home pay, thus increasing your spendable income. 

IRS regulations restrict changes you can make in a Cafeteria Plan during the year.  Any change that affects the amount of your pre-tax deduction can only be made if it is because of a "qualifying event." 

These include divorce, marriage, birth, adoption, death, and a change in a spouse's employment affecting benefits.  These rules also apply to Flexible Spending Accounts. 



Discounted Child Care Center

A 20% discount on tuition is available at the City's child care center, operated by LaPetite. Call (316) 265-1037​.

Employee Emergency Assistance Fund

The City of Wichita Employee Emergency Assistance Fund is administered by a Board of Directors, and grants assistance to current employees on the basis of need. The maximum amount of assistance an employee can receive is $2,000 per 12-month period.

EEAF Application Packet

EEAF Bylaws

Family Medical Leave
The Family and Medical Leave Act allows up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for an employee’s own serious health condition, or that of a qualifying family member (parent, spouse or child); or for the birth, adoption or foster care placement of a child. A child is defined as a biological, adopted, or state approved foster child, stepchild, or legal ward; under 18 years of age or incapacitated. 
Qualifying Exigency Leave allows up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to address certain qualifying exigencies arising from the fact that the employee’s spouse, son, daughter or parent is a covered military member on active duty, or call to active duty, in support of a contingency operation.
The FMLA also includes the Military Caregiver Leave entitlement permitting eligible employees up to 26 weeks of leave during a single 12 month period to care for a covered servicemember with an injury or illness incurred in the line of duty.
Eligibility Employees who have worked for the City for at least 12 months and have been in pay status for at least 1250 hours during the previous 12 months.  

Schedules FMLA may be taken consecutively, intermittently (disconnected periods of less than 12 weeks), or on a reduced schedule (some leave being taken, such as each week, on a regular basis).

To Apply
All forms can be faxed to: 316-858-7734, or emailed to:, or dropped of at City Hall, 2nd Floor at the HR reception desk.
For basic FMLA, print either the "Employee FMLA Packet" or the "Family Member FMLA Packet," which is located under the Medical Certification Forms column, complete and submit the form to HR, you will receive a response from HR within 5 business days from the date we receive the form in our office. 
  • Next, either your or your family member's physician needs to complete the Medical Certification portion of the packet.
  • Return the physician's medical certification to HR within 15 days from the date of your request. Failure to return the necessary medical certification may result in the loss of FMLA protection.
For Maternity/Paternity Leave click on the link titled "Request for Maternity or Paternity Leave," which is under the Medical Certification Forms column, complete, print and turn in the completed form to HR. You will receive a reply from HR within 5 business days.
·         Medical certification is not required for leave to bond with a newborn child or a child placed for adoption or foster care. 
·         Medical certification is required for FMLA leave for incapacity due to pregnancy (or to care for a pregnant spouse who is incapacitated), for the mother’s serious health condition following the birth of the child, or for the newborn child’s serious health condition.
For Military Family Medical Leave, print and complete the appropriate military certification form and return it to HR within 15 days.

All forms are also available in the HRD. Contact the HRD with any questions about the Family and Medical Leave Act. Phone (316) 268-4531.


Employee Serious Health Condition FMLA Packet

Family Member Serious Health Condition FMLA Packet

Request for Maternity/Paternity Leave

Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of a Covered Servicemember - Military

Certification of Qualifying Exigency

Request to Change Health Benefits Due to FMLA

Notice of Status Change in FML

Learning Quest - College savings program

The Learning Quest 529 Education Savings Program is a 529 Plan established by the State of Kansas and offers anyone who is a U.S. citizen or resident.​

Longevity Pay

To recognize length of employment, the City offers longevity pay to full-time employees in addition to regular base pay. At the completion of an employees sixth year of employment, payment is $2.00 times the total years of service, per month; e.g. $2.00 x 10 years of services = $20.00 per month. At eleven years, the payment increases to $5.00 times the total years of service, per month; e.g. $5.00 x 12 of services = $60.00 per month.​

Paid Holidays

There are 11 paid holidays. One is a Personal Holiday that becomes available after the first six months of employment.

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King’s Holiday
  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Personal Holiday

Retirement is through Wichita Employees' Retirement Plan 3 and is a mandatory retirement program. The contributution is 4.7% of each paycheck with the City matching that contribution.

The employee contribution is federally tax deferred. All employees are 25% vested after 3 years, 50% vested after 5 years and fully vested in the City’s contribution to their retirement after 7 years of service. After 7 years, employees have the option to convert to a defined benefit plan.

The maximum benefit is 75% of final average (last 3 years) salary if the employee meets the length of service and age requirements.

Commissioned Police, Fire and Airport Safety participate in a separate plan.

This plan is a defined benefit plan that also vests after 7 years. Employees contribute 8% of gross pay (pre-tax), and the City approximately 17%.

Commissioned officers do not pay Social Security retirement taxes.

Benefits accrue at 2.5% of final average salary per year of service. Retirement eligibility is at 20 years of service at least age 50, with 50% of final average salary.

Maximum benefit is 75% after 30 years at any age.​

Sick Leave & Well Day

New employees earn one-half day per month. After five years, accrual is to one day per month. ​


Human Resources Training offers an extensive selection of courses for both technical and supervisory skills, and for personal development.

2016 CU Catalog


​Most employees earn 10 days of vacation per year for their first five years. After that, earning rates increase to varying maximums, depending on work schedule and/or union representation.

Maximum accrual allowed before "use it or lose it" status is 30 days. Vacation may be taken after six months of employment.


Human Resources
455 N Main, 2nd Floor
Wichita, KS 67202​

8 AM - 5 PM
Monday - Friday​

P: (316) 268-4531
F: (316) 858-7733
F: (316) 858-7734

Email Human Resources

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