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City Hall will be closed Monday, July 4. For more information on other City facilities, read the press release.

Wichita-Sedgwick County Planning

Metropolitan Area Planning Commission

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2016-08-18 MAPC Agenda packet.pdf2016-08-18 MAPC Agenda packet
2016-08-04 MAPC Official Hearing Notice.pdf2016-08-04 MAPC Official Hearing Notice
2016-08-04 MAPC Agenda.pdf2016-08-04 MAPC Agenda
2016-08-04 MAPC Agenda Packet.pdf2016-08-04 MAPC Agenda Packet
2016-07-21 MAPC Official Hearing Notice.pdf2016-07-21 MAPC Official Hearing Notice
2016-07-21 MAPC Agenda.pdf2016-07-21 MAPC Agenda
2016-07-21 MAPC Agenda Packet.pdf2016-07-21 MAPC Agenda Packet
2016-07-07 MAPC Official Hearing Notice.pdf2016-07-07 MAPC Official Hearing Notice
2016-07-07 MAPC Agenda-CUP DP-67 and PUD 50.pdf2016-07-07 MAPC Agenda-CUP DP-67 and PUD 50
2016-07-07 MAPC Agenda packet.pdf2016-07-07 MAPC Agenda packet
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455 N Main, 10th Floor
Wichita, KS 67202

8 AM - 5 PM​
Monday - Friday

P: (316) 268-4421
F: (316) 268-4390

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