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Wichita-Sedgwick County Planning

Pedestrian Master Plan







 Agendas & Minutes

2014-07-01 TAC_SC Agenda.pdf2014-07-01 TAC_SC Agenda
2014-05-20 TAC_SC Agenda.pdf2014-05-20 TAC_SC Agenda
2014-05-20 Meeting Notes.pdf2014-05-20 Meeting Notes
2014-05-05 Meeting Notes.pdf2014-05-05 Meeting Notes
2014-04-29 SC Agenda.pdf2014-04-29 SC Agenda
2014-04-17 TAC Agenda.pdf2014-04-17 TAC Agenda
2014-04-10 SC Agenda.pdf2014-04-10 SC Agenda
2014-04-10 Meeting Notes.pdf2014-04-10 Meeting Notes
2014-03-27 SC Agenda.pdf2014-03-27 SC Agenda
2014-03-13 SC Agenda.pdf2014-03-13 SC Agenda
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2013-07-16 TAC PowerPoint Presenation.pdf2013-07-16 TAC PowerPoint Presenation
Pedestrian Facility Workshop-Introduction.pdfPedestrian Facility Workshop-Introduction
Pedestrian Facility Workshop-Walking Along the Road.pdfPedestrian Facility Workshop-Walking Along the Road
Pedestrian Facility Workshop-Crossing Principles.pdfPedestrian Facility Workshop-Crossing Principles
Pedestrian Facility Workshop-Crossing Countermeasures.pdfPedestrian Facility Workshop-Crossing Countermeasures
Pedestrian Facility Workshop-Intersection Geometry.pdfPedestrian Facility Workshop-Intersection Geometry
Pedestrian Facility Workshop-Signalized Intersections.pdfPedestrian Facility Workshop-Signalized Intersections
Pedestrian Facility Workshop-Road Diets.pdfPedestrian Facility Workshop-Road Diets
Wichita Pedestrian Master Plan-Community Survey Report.pdfWichita Pedestrian Master Plan-Community Survey Report
Open House No. 1 Report.pdfOpen House No. 1 Report
Wichita Pedestrian Master Plan On-Line Map Report.pdfWichita Pedestrian Master Plan On-Line Map Report
Example Photos and Illustrations.pdfExample Photos and Illustrations
Pedestrian Master Plan Open House flyer- May 6, 2014.pdfPedestrian Master Plan Open House flyer- May 6, 2014
DRAFT Design Templates.pdfDRAFT Design Templates
Chapter 7 - Wichita Strategies and Actions.pdfChapter 7 - Wichita Strategies and Actions
Open House No.2 Report.pdfOpen House No.2 Report
Pedestrian Master Plan- Request for Photos.pdfPedestrian Master Plan- Request for Photos

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