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Wichita-Sedgwick County Planning

Subdivision Regulations


Table Of Contents.pdf
Article 1. Short Title.pdf
Article 2. Intent and Purpose.pdf
Article 3. General Provisions.pdf
Article 4. Procedure for Approval of Subdivision Plats.pdf
Article 5. Contents of Plans and Plats.pdf
Article 6. Lot Splits.pdf
Article 7. Design Standards.pdf
Article 8. Installation of Required Improvements.pdf
Article 9. Improvement Procedures.pdf
Article 10. Appeals, Waivers and Modifications.pdf
Article 11. Interpretation, Construction and Definitions.pdf
Article 12. Amendments and Severability.pdf
Article 13. Repeal and Effective Date.pdf


Attachment 1. Exemption and Subdivision Jurisdiction Map.pdf
Attachment 2. Turnaround Alternatives for Cul-de-sac Streets in Residential Areas.pdf
Attachment 3. Turnaround Alternatives for Cul-de-sac Streets that are 150 Feet or Less in Length.pdf
Attachment 4. Major Entrance with Free Flow Right and Major Entrance with Right Right Turn Lane.pdf
Attachment 5. Major Entrance to Apartment Complex and Standard Secondary Approach.pdf
Attachment 6. City-County Ordinance 30-122- Vacation of Plats, Streets, Easements, Setbacks, Access and Other Public Rights.pdf
Attachment 7. City of Wichita's Sidewalk Ordinance - Ordinance No. 36-327.pdf
Attachment 8. City of Wichita's Street Numbering and Naming of Private Streets - Ordinance 36-995.pdf
Attachment 9. City of Wichita's Flood Hazard Reduction - Ordinance No. 40-973.pdf
Attachment 10. Cul-de-sac Street Naming Suffixes.pdf
Attachment 11. Restrictive Covenant for Property Exemption.pdf
Attachment 12. Policy Statement No. 5 - Extension of Time for Replatting (As a Condition of a Zone Change Approval).pdf
Attachment 13. City of Wichita Ordinance 48-180 - Adoption of Subdivision Regulations - 2008 Edition.pdf
Attachment 14. Sedgwick County Resolution 4-09 - Adoption of Subdivision Regulations- 2008 Edition.pdf

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