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City Hall will be closed Monday, February 15. For more information on other City facilities, read the press release.

Wichita-Sedgwick County Planning



Appendix A - The Rise of Innovation Districts.pdfAppendix A - The Rise of Innovation Districts
Appendix B - Health Impact Assessment.pdfAppendix B - Health Impact Assessment
Appendix C - Community Investments Plan 2015-2035.pdfAppendix C - Community Investments Plan 2015-2035
Appendix D - Letters of Support.pdfAppendix D - Letters of Support
Appendix E -  Bicycle Master Plan.pdfAppendix E - Bicycle Master Plan
Appendix F - Pedestrian Master Plan.pdfAppendix F - Pedestrian Master Plan
Appendix G - Multi-Modal Policy and Street Design Guidelines.pdfAppendix G - Multi-Modal Policy and Street Design Guidelines
Appendix H - Traffic Impact Study.pdfAppendix H - Traffic Impact Study
Appendix I - Wichita-South Central Kansas Regional Export Plan.pdfAppendix I - Wichita-South Central Kansas Regional Export Plan
Appendix J - South Kansas IMCP Designation Letter.pdfAppendix J - South Kansas IMCP Designation Letter
Appendix K - South Central Kansas Prosperity Plan.pdfAppendix K - South Central Kansas Prosperity Plan
Appendix L - Benefit-Cost Analysis Calculations.pdfAppendix L - Benefit-Cost Analysis Calculations
Appendix M - Benefit-Cost Analysis Methodology.pdfAppendix M - Benefit-Cost Analysis Methodology
Appendix N - Wichita City Council Resolution.pdfAppendix N - Wichita City Council Resolution
Appendix O - Environmental Narrative Report.pdfAppendix O - Environmental Narrative Report
Appendix P - Federal Wage Certification.pdfAppendix P - Federal Wage Certification

 Letters of Support

Advanced Gaurd Conservation.pdfAdvanced Gaurd Conservation
Airbus Americas Engineering.pdfAirbus Americas Engineering
Alpha Kappa Psi.pdfAlpha Kappa Psi
Bike Walk Wichita.pdfBike Walk Wichita
Blueprint for Regional Economic Growth.pdfBlueprint for Regional Economic Growth
City of Bel Aire.PDFCity of Bel Aire
City of Wichita.pdfCity of Wichita
Cox Communications.pdfCox Communications
Kansas Department of Transportation.pdfKansas Department of Transportation
Kansas Global Trade Services.pdfKansas Global Trade Services
Kansas Health Foundation.pdfKansas Health Foundation
Kansas Senators.pdfKansas Senators
Metropolitan Area Planning Commission.pdfMetropolitan Area Planning Commission
Regional Economic Area Partnership.pdfRegional Economic Area Partnership
South Kansas Manufacturing Community.pdfSouth Kansas Manufacturing Community
Spirit Aerosystems.pdfSpirit Aerosystems
State of Kansas.pdfState of Kansas
Wichita Area Metropolitan Planning Organization.pdfWichita Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
Wichita Community Foundation.pdfWichita Community Foundation
Wichita Downtown Development Corporation.pdfWichita Downtown Development Corporation
Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce.pdfWichita Metro Chamber of Commerce
Wichita Parks Foundation.pdfWichita Parks Foundation
Wichita State University.pdfWichita State University
Wichita Transit Advisory Board.pdfWichita Transit Advisory Board
Workforce Alliance.pdfWorkforce Alliance

455 N Main, 10th Floor
Wichita, KS 67202​

8 AM - 5 PM
Monday - Friday​

P: (316) 268-4421
F: (316) 268-4390

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