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City Hall will be closed Monday, July 4. For more information on other City facilities, read the press release.


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07-26-16 media report.pdf07-26-16 media reportNew
07-26-16 arrest report.pdf07-26-16 arrest reportNew
07-25-16 media report.pdf07-25-16 media reportNew
07-25-16 arrest report.pdf07-25-16 arrest reportNew
07-22-16 Media Report.pdf07-22-16 Media Report
07-22-16 Arrest report.pdf07-22-16 Arrest report
07-21-16 media report.pdf07-21-16 media report
07-21-16 arrest report.pdf07-21-16 arrest report
07-20-16 media report.pdf07-20-16 media report
07-20-16 arrest report.pdf07-20-16 arrest report
07-19-16 media report.pdf07-19-16 media report
07-19-16 arrest report.pdf07-19-16 arrest report
07-18-16 media report.pdf07-18-16 media report
07-18-16 arrest report.pdf07-18-16 arrest report
07-15-16 media report.pdf07-15-16 media report
07-15-16 arrest report.pdf07-15-16 arrest report
07-14-16 media report (2).pdf07-14-16 media report (2)
07-14-16 media report (1).pdf07-14-16 media report (1)
07-13-16 media report.pdf07-13-16 media report
07-13-16 arrest report.pdf07-13-16 arrest report

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