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Furnace Safety Tips

Chief Bob Thompson | | (316) 268-4441

The Wichita Fire Department wants to remind all residents it’s time to get their furnaces checked and serviced. Firefighters are expected to respond to numerous calls involving faulty heating appliances and house fires as people begin to turn on their furnaces.

The department offers the following safety tips to help ensure a safe and warm home.

  • Hire an authorized service technician annually to check the furnace.
  • Change your air filter. A clogged air filter causes fan motors to work harder.
  • Remove all rugs, carpeting or other coverings from the floor furnace grill before turning on the furnace.
  • Move all combustibles at least 36 inches away from the furnace.

The fire department discourages the use of any portable heating appliance that is non-thermostat controlled and does not have a safety tilt switch. Additional information regarding furnace safety can be obtained by calling the Fire Prevention Office at 268-4441.


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