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Thieves Target Hondas

Lt. Wanda Parker-Givens | | (316) 268-4139

The Wichita Police Department reports several Honda cars have been stolen over the past few weeks. Hondas are considered one of the top vehicles nationwide that thieves target according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (N.I.C.B.).

Although thieves are currently targeting Hondas, police warn any vehicle can be at risk of being stolen. Police are encouraging residents to consider purchasing a secondary anti-theft system such as a steering wheel lock, alarm or immobilizer for their vehicles. Honda representatives say these devices help discourage thieves who try to bypass Honda ignitions.

“We want people to be proactive and take steps now to prevent their vehicles from being stolen,” said Lt. Wanda Parker-Givens, of the Auto Theft Section. She also said many times the impound fee to recover a stolen vehicle can be more expensive than the cost of an anti theft device.

For 2011 the total number of auto thefts reported is 1,499. Police have recovered 1,194 of those vehicles. That is an 80% recovery rate. Total cars not recovered in this year stand at 309.


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