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Police Will Realign Some of the Patrol Beats

Lt. Doug Nolte | | (316) 268-4231

The Wichita Police Department will change the patrol beat structure beginning at midnight Thursday December 29th.

The changes include adding one beat to the Patrol South Bureau as well as several small changes to existing beats boundaries to even call load out. Complete beat maps will be available on the Wichita Police website before the changes go into effect.

Deputy Chief Terri Moses said that changing demographics within the City and the associated changes in call load made it necessary to realign police beats to evenly distribute the call load.

“We continually monitor how the geography and population in Wichita changes,” Moses said. “Occasionally, we need to change beat boundaries or in this case add a new beat.”

The changes were made after the department researched calls, population density and other factors. The last time the department changed the beat boundaries was in 2002, when they added an extra beat to the Patrol West and Patrol East Bureaus.

Patrol East
Patrol North
Patrol South
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