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City Schedules Prescribed Burns at Parks

Warren McCoskey, General Maintenance Supervisor | 316-350-3171
Burns help improve native plant/animal habitat and reduces risk of wildfire
In a conservation effort, the City of Wichita Park and Recreation Department is scheduling prescribed burns February through March at the following parks: 
  • Chisholm Creek 
  • Dr. Glen Dey
  • Meadows
  • Pawnee Prairie
  • and Swanson.

Weather conditions will determine the exact date. The burns will be implemented under controlled guidelines from the Wichita Fire Department and Kansas Department of Health and Environment.  Fire is a natural and important ecological force in maintaining a healthy native grass meadow.  The plants and animals which live in the prairie are adapted to and depend upon periodic fires for their continued survival.

Fire is a natural force in the Prairie ecosystem. This process controls invasive species, removes dead material from the grassland and returns the nutrients to the soil. Prescribed burns also reduce the amount of fuel in a prairie and therefore reduce the risk of wildfires.
Precautions will be taken to keep smoke and ash from leaving the park.
The Park and Recreation Department is also maintaining firebreaks in areas where Wichita Wild properties border residential neighborhoods. It is important for the protection of homes and other structures that these firebreaks are maintained and do not have privately owned structures, fences or property placed in them. For more information, please call Park Operations at 350-3171.

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