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Wichita Housing Authority Landlord Incentive Program (WHALIP)

​The WHALIP Pilot program provides landlords with additional support when leasing to tenants experiencing homelessness who are participating in WHA programs. Participating Homeless Service Providers will provide referrals of eligible tenants with rental assistance funds. WHALIP provides supplementary funds to mitigate potential economic losses that might arise from damages or unfulfilled leases related to serving individuals and families experiencing homelessness. As a Landlord, if you agree to accept referred tenants from our list of selected providers, WHALIP will:

  • Cover up to $2,000 in damages ordeductibles for a 1BR or smaller unit ($3,500 for 2BR +) above any rental deposit.
  • Provide up to 2x Monthly rent to cover lost rent due to eviction, abandonment,or other premature termination of the lease. The Homeless Service Provider will work to re-fill unit within a month.
  • Provide up to $1,000 to hold a unit open while Homeless Service Provider identifies a new tenant from the program.
  • Provide reimbursement of documented claims within 30 days.
  • Limited Pilot Program effective for new tenancies between 12/14/20-6/14/21