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The City of Wichita is working to make getting around town on a bicycle easier, safer, and more convenient. You can utilize this page to find out the latest information about improvements, plans, maps, and much more.

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Is it against the law to ride my bicycle on the sidewalks in Wichita?

Individuals are allowed to ride a bicycle on sidewalks in Wichita, except in the Central Business District (unless designated for bicycle use) per City Code Section 11.48.160. Please remember that an individual riding a bicycle is required to yield the right of way to any pedestrian and to provide an audible signal before passing a pedestrian. ​

Are you required to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle in Wichita?

The City of Wichita does not have an ordinance that requires individuals to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle. ​

Are you allowed to ride a bicycle on the streets in Wichita?

Yes, you can ride your bicycle on the street. Per the Wichita Municipal Code Section 11.48.100, every person riding a bicycle upon a street is granted the same rights and duties applicable to a person driving a motor vehicle. However, additional special regulations apply. The special regulations include those described in the Wichita Municipal Code Section 11.48.120 which describes where and when cyclists should ride on the street. ​

What is the best way to lock / securely park my bicycle?

It is recommended that you utilize a u-lock to lock your bicycle’s rear wheel to the bike rack.  The lock should be positioned inside the rear triangle of the bicycle frame. ​

Are you required to obtain a bicycle license in Wichita?

The City does not require a bicycle license. The City of Wichita Municipal Code was changed on June 15, 2010 to remove the requirement for a license. You can learn more about the change by reviewing the City Council meeting minutes. ​

How can I report an aggressive dog?

Agressive dogs can be reported by calling the Animal Control Division at (316)350-3360. This number is answered from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Individuals who call outside of that timeframe are encouraged to leave a message. The voicemail is checked approximately once every hour until 10 p.m.

Why should I ride my bicycle on the right side of the road (the same direction as motor vehicle traffic) and not against it?
You should always ride with traffic for the following reasons.
1. Kansas State Law Kansas Statutes Annotated (K.S.A.) 8-157 grants every person riding a bicycle upon a roadway all of the rights and makes them subject to all of the duties applicable to a driver of a vehicle, except as otherwise provided in K.S.A. 8-156 to 8-1592. This includes requirements to drive on the right side of the road. Similar requirements are also in the Wichita Municipal Code (Section 11.48.100). 
2. If you are traveling against traffic, then it is less likely that cars pulling onto the street from driveways, parking lots, and cross streets will expect you – increasing the chances for a crash.
3. Traveling the opposite direction as traffic makes it very difficult to make a right turn at an uncontrolled intersection.
4. Traveling against traffic also results in cars approaching you at a much higher relative speed. If you're going 10 mph, then a car passing you from behind doing 30 approaches you at a speed of only 20 mph (30-10). If you're on the wrong side of the road, then the car approaches you at 40 mph (30+10), which is twice as fast!  Since the speed is faster, both you and the driver have lots less time to react and the crash is more likely to be more severe.
5. Riding the same direction as traffic helps people bicycling to ride as part of traffic, and to be more predictable by making movements similar to a motor vehicle. 

I know of a really important and beneficial bikeway project for our community. How can I learn more about the City’s process to prioritize and ultimately construct bikeways?

You can learn more about the City’s process to prioritize and construct bikeways by checking out the bicycle facilities funding and prioritization guide on the bicycle projects webpage under the "Projects" tab. You can also learn about opportunities to get involved in the planning process by signing up for the bicycling and walking e-newsletter.




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