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Lost or found a pet? Looking to adopt a pet? Want to visit an animal attraction? Have an animal question?
Interested in attending a college/university in Wichita or somewhere in Kansas? Need to improve your skills in the workplace? Want to find out more information about various education opportunities? Want to enroll your child in a private or public school in Wichita or nearby? Do you have a child with special needs?
Check out the festivals which are held annually in Wichita! Want to catch a movie in or near Wichita? Feeling the urge to dance or go on a night of the town? Want to hear some music, comedy or catch a show in Wichita? Want to buy a ticket to an event?
Look up an agency dedicated to saving the environment. Concerned about our air quality? Want to become "green"? Are you throwing out hazardous material along with the trash? Interested in recycling? How can we keep your water clean?
Learn how you can keep yourself in better health. Need to visit a clinic or hospital in Wichita? Looking for a local support group? Want to make a donation?
Are you a sports fanatic? Want to get involved in sports? Want to get some exercise?
Need to fly into or out of Wichita? Need transportation within Wichita? Traveling by ground or air to Wichita or elsewhere? Need help planning your trip?
Need gas and/or electric service for your home or business? Need internet, phone and/or television service for your home or business? Have trash or debris you need hauled? Need water/sewer service for your house or business?

​City Hall
455 N Main
Wichita, KS 67202​

8 AM - 5 PM
Monday - Friday​


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Got a question? Don't know who to call?

Dial (316) 942-4482
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