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Food Handler Classes

On September 18, 2018 the City Council voted to repeal the ordinance requiring food handler cards in Wichita. There is currently no citywide or statewide requirement for food handlers cards. However, please check with your employer or volunteer organization to find out if they have a training requirement.

The City of Wichita has developed a free online food safety course for volunteers. Anyone can take this course. Some organizations may require this course. This course may not be valid in other cities or or states.

State Licensed Food Establish​ment Inspections

The City of Wichita Food Protection Program is no longer contracted by Kansas Department of Agriculture to inspect state licensed food establishments. If you have any questions regarding these establishments, please contact:

Kansas Department of Agriculture
Food Safety and Lodging
1320 Research Park Dr, 2nd Floor
Manhattan, KS 66502

P: (785) 564-6767
F: (785) 564-6779

Inspection ResultsFood Safety & Lodging


Revisions to Ordinance 7.60

The City of Wichita amended Ordinance 7.60 pertaining to the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products effective October 20, 2017.


7 60 Sale of Cigarettes and Tobacco.pdf7 60 Sale of Cigarettes and Tobacco
List of ordinance revisions.pdfList of ordinance revisions

Tobacco Compliance Check Results

The Tobacco program regulates the sale of tobacco products to underage customers.

​Measure ​2016 Final
​Compliance rate - refusal to sell to minors ​91%
​Compliance checks conducted ​323
​Citations issued ​​30


It's Everybody's Business Kansas Smoke-Free


If you have a complaint about tobacco sales to underage customers, please contact Tom Vanatta.


Food & Tobacco Licensing

​Information about Food (Grocery) Establishment and Tobacco licenses are located on our Business Licenses website.​ Click a button to view the license application and information sheet.

Food (Grocery) Establishment LicenseTobacco License