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The City's grease control program exists to protect Wichita sewer lines from deterioration and stoppages due to Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG). FOG includes cooking grease and also comes from meat products (raw or cooked), dairy products, and even some plant products.

All food service establishments which are served by Wichita sewer are subject to Wichita's grease ordinance in Chapter 16.24 of the City's municipal code. "Food Service Establishment" means any facility which cuts, cooks, bakes, prepares or serves food, or which disposes of food-related wastes; including, but not limited to, food courts, food manufactures and packagers, restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, lounges, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, churches and schools.

In most instances, all food service establishments must have a grease interceptor.​

FOG Wastewater Discharge Permit Application

Annu​al Permit Fee

The annual permit fee for all food service establishments is $180.00, which will be on the August or September water bill.

Wichita Municipal Code Chapter 16.24

​Gr​ease Interceptor Requirements for the Sanitary Sewer System​​

 Read Chapter 16.24

​Grease Interceptors

​A Grease Interceptor (GI) is typically located outside, underground and is accessible through manhole covers. This is the standard grease removal system.

The levels of floatable grease and settable solids must be measured once a month on the outlet side of the GI using a Dipstick Pro or an approved equivalent. Grease Interceptors need to be pumped by a grease hauler at least quarterly (every three months).

Service Providers​​

Below is a list of service providers. The City provides this list as a service to food establishments to assist in complying with the Title 16, Section 16.24 of the City Code. This list may not be all inclusive. Providing this list does not mean the City recommends or endorses any of the facilities listed herein.

Maintenance Log for Grease Interceptors

A maintenance log documenting the monthly measurements and quarterly pumping details must be maintained and submitted to the Grease Control program each quarter. 

The maintenance log must be kept in the establishment and made immediately available to any Grease inspector upon request. Most grease waste haulers provide this service for their customers.

Grease Interceptor Maintenance Log

​Waste Hauler
​Street/PO Box
​State ​Zip ​Phone
​Brooks Grease Service
​1401 S Buckner St ​Derby ​KS
​67037 ​​(316) 721-6700
Valley Proteins Inc
​2228 S Santa Fe Ave
Oklahoma City​ OK
(405) 232-5511​
​Liquid Environmental Solutions ​7651 Esters Blvd
Ste 200
​Irving ​TX
​75063 ​(866) 694-7327
​Healy Biodiesel ​11130 W 47th St S ​Clearwater ​KS ​67026 (620) 545-7800​
​Reddi Industries ​3901 N Broadway ​Wichita ​KS ​67219 ​​(316) 681-3382​​

​Automatic Grease Removal Devices

Sheltering a Thermaco Big Dipper in place if an establishment is temporaily closing.

Sheltering in Place

Automatic Grease Removal Devices (AGRD), such as Big Dippers, Grease Stoppers or Grease Guardians may be installed only after obtaining an approved variance letter from the Grease Control program. AGRDs have components such as belts, wheels, or skimmers to actively remove the floatable grease from the waste stream. In order to ensure proper functioning of the AGRD, the basket must be emptied of solids (food scraps) and the blades or wheel cleared of grease every day. The entire contents of the AGRD should be removed with a wet/dry vacuum at least once a month.

Maintenance Log for Automatic Grease Removal Device

A maintenance log documenting cleaning dates and other maintenance must be submitted to the Grease Control program each quarter.

The maintenance log must be kept in the establishment and made immediately available to any Grease inspector upon request.​​​​​​​

AGRD Maintenance Log

​Company​ ​Location ​Phone Website
​Benefiel Professional Plumbing 6210 E Shadybrook
Wichita, KS 67208
(316) 214-2428​  Visit Website
​On Time Plumbing & Heating ​117 N Park
Maize, KS 67101
​(316) 721-5055 Visit Web​site
​​David Lies Plumbing ​​1420 S Sabin St
Wichita, KS 67209
(316) 942-7279​ Visit Web​site

New Facilities

All newly constructed food service establishments as well as all establishments under new ownership are considered "new". In most instances, all food service establishments must have an outdoor, underground grease interceptor. Some existing establishments which pre-date current ordinances and policies may not have a grease interceptor in place. New business owners are required to comply with the current ordinance, regardless of the prior owner's operation.

Building and remodeling plans must be reviewed by the Grease Control program. There is no application or fee for this process, but you must contact Remilde Schotsborg or Correl Love at (316) 303-8700 to discuss the proposed operation and plan review.

Some establishments which are deemed by the City to pose little or no threat to the sewer system may be authorized to operate with an automatic grease removal device or occasionally no device at all. AGRDs approved by the City of Wichita are the Grease Guardian GGX series, Highland Tank GreaseStopper and the Thermaco Big Dipper. Written approval must be obtained from the Grease Control program prior to installation of one of these devices. Facilities which may be considered for exemption to grease interceptor requirements include those such as coffee shops and other establishments with very limited food service activities.

Application for Variance

Any new food service establishment proposing to operate without an outdoor, underground grease interceptor must first submit an Application for Variance, menu, and $50 application fee.​

​​ Application for Variance