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Project Development and Construction Resources

Design Resources and Guidelines

Design Provisions.pdfDesign Provisions10/30/2017 4:29 PM
Fire Protection scenarios.pdfFire Protection scenarios9/9/2021 10:51 AM
Permit FAQ.pdfPermit FAQ7/13/2015 10:52 AM
Utility Design Standards for Commercial Development.pdfUtility Design Standards for Commercial Development10/30/2017 4:28 PM


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​Private Projects

PPD cover sheet.pdfPPD cover sheet02/2020
PPP cover sheet.pdfPPP cover sheet02/2020
PPS cover sheet.pdfPPS cover sheet02/2020
PPW cover sheet.pdfPPW cover sheet02/2020
Private Project Bond Form.pdfPrivate Project Bond Form2/2016
Private Project Justification Memo.pdfPrivate Project Justification Memo6/2016
Private Project Ordinance 50-385.pdfPrivate Project Ordinance 50-38501/2017
Private Project Procedures - Consultants.pdfPrivate Project Procedures - Consultants01/2017
Private Project Procedures - Contractors.pdfPrivate Project Procedures - Contractors01/2017
Private Project Process.pdfPrivate Project Process

Standard Specifications

00 Special Provisions.pdf00 Special Provisions10/2021
01 Part 100_General Conditions.pdf01 Part 100_General Conditions1998
02 Part 200_Site Prep Removal Replacement Work.pdf02 Part 200_Site Prep Removal Replacement Work1998
03 Part 300_Earthwork.pdf03 Part 300_Earthwork1998
04 Part 400_Pavement.pdf04 Part 400_Pavement1998
05 Part 500_Contract Maintenance.pdf05 Part 500_Contract Maintenance1998
06 Part 600_Structures.pdf06 Part 600_Structures1998
07 Part 700_Traffic Signalization Specifications (Version 1).pdf07 Part 700_Traffic Signalization Specifications (Version 1)01/27/2022
08 Part 800_Water and Sewer.pdf08 Part 800_Water and Sewer1998
09 Part 900_Landscaping and Irrigation.pdf09 Part 900_Landscaping and IrrigationNov 2011
10 Table of Contents.pdf10 Table of ContentsApril 2013

Construction Details

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Approved Materials/Bid Items

Contact Information
Approved Materials - Storm Water (Section 800).pdfApproved Materials - Storm Water (Section 800)Sept 2014
Bryan Hamel
Approved Materials - Water (Section 800)_9-3-21.pdfApproved Materials - Water (Section 800)_9-3-21September 2021
Bryan Hamel
Approved Materials-Pavment (Section 400) 5-19-23.pdfApproved Materials-Pavment (Section 400) 5-19-23May 2023
Bryan Hamel
Approved Materials-Sanitary Sewer (Section 800) 9-13-18.pdfApproved Materials-Sanitary Sewer (Section 800) 9-13-18Sept 2018
Bryan Hamel
Master Bid Item List Alphabetical.pdfMaster Bid Item List AlphabeticalMarch 2013
Bryan Hamel
Master Bid Item List by Item Code.pdfMaster Bid Item List by Item CodeMarch 2013
Bryan Hamel
Bryan Hamel
Materials Review Board Application Procedures.pdfMaterials Review Board Application ProceduresJanuary 2023
Bryan Hamel

Easement Templates

Easement Recording Procedures.pdfEasement Recording Procedures
Encroachment Agreement Template.docxEncroachment Agreement Template
Encroachment Exhibit Submittal Template.docxEncroachment Exhibit Submittal Template
I135_from_Stafford_to_K15 Sewer Alterations.pdfI135_from_Stafford_to_K15 Sewer Alterations
Template Easement- Temporary SS.pdfTemplate Easement- Temporary SS
Template Easement-Drainage and Utility.pdfTemplate Easement-Drainage and Utility
Template Easement-Drainage.pdfTemplate Easement-Drainage
Template Easement-SS.pdfTemplate Easement-SS
Template Easement-Street, Sidewalk, Drainage and Utility.pdfTemplate Easement-Street, Sidewalk, Drainage and Utility
Template Easement-utility.pdfTemplate Easement-utility
Template Easement-water.pdfTemplate Easement-water