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Snow Removal

​The Snow Removal Map is in the process of being redesigned. A new map will be coming soon!

Follow the Snow Plows Guide

You can see where the City of Wichita snow plow/treatment trucks are on a Google map. The map can be zoomed and panned as usual to see whatever area you desire.

Each of the 50 vehicles has a dot and a flag that shows the unit ID number. The color of the dot indicates the status of the vehicle and this legend applies.

If the vehicle is moving, an arrow will give the general direction of travel.

The map also shows where each truck has been for the last hour.

The color of each trail has no significance. They are selected just to make it easier to distinguish the trail of one vehicle from another. You can turn the trails feature off by unchecking the box at the top right of the map. 

Next to the trail check box, you can click on the length of time for the trails to change it from one hour to 15 minutes or one day and then back to one hour.

You can click on a given truck and see its status.

The top line gives the vehicle ID number. 

The second line gives the most recent speed, general direction of travel and the maximum speed recorded in the 2 minute update.

The third line gives the date and time of the reading. The fourth line gives the status of the vehicle.

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