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Flag Football

Wichita Athletics offers spring and fall flag football leagues. Check out this fast-paced, backyard style game of football played with 7 players on the field at a time, a QB and 6 eligible receivers. The season consists of 8 games and post season tournament. Flags are provided at the field. Limited contact allowed.

How to Register

Registration: June 4 - August 17, 2018

Cost: $375

Pay by phone: (316) 268-4123 with Visa/MasterCard

Pay in person: Visa/MasterCard, check/cash Park & Recreation office, 11th floor of City Hall.

Playing Location

Saturdays, August 25 - November 3

South Lakes Football Field
5300 S Meridian (east of softball fields, south of soccer fields)

​Schedules, Standings & Rules

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Single Player Pool

If you would like your name to be on the list, please fill out the form.

If you have been selected for a team, please resubmit application stating so - place note in any field, please include name.

Submit your name

Eric GeorgeM316-304-4704Any
Cole CollinsM316-214-3167QB, WR, SS
Dustin GreenM918-264-6221Any
Max BartlettM785-614-4668Any
Kim CastorF316-200-0227Any
Nick BartholomausM858-603-3029Any
Ben AndersonM307-286-5233Any
Jacob DanielM417-827-2034Any
Rhiannon SwayneF316-992-8215C, RF, 2B
Justin PruittM580-795-4250Any
Brandon RhotenM316-209-7795Any
Keith GreenM770-286-5717C, 1B
Isaac ComerM316-841-0731Any
Jimmaron PooleM316-214-6873WR, RB, FS, SS, DB, LB
Ka'Shon LewisM985-710-3313WR, LB
Shaun HarknessM316-204-56231B, 2B, 3B, SS
Dustin StralowM316-303-4531Any
Chris BellM316-200-3008Any
Avery CalhounM316-689-2863Any
Cody SmithM316-350-6816WR, C, RB, S, DB, LB
Jason HaffnerM316-765-1244QB, WR, FS, SS, DB
CJ CareyM620-440-1302WR, C
Bacarrie WashingtonM386-848-4942Any but C
David ReeceM630-605-2965Any
William GuilloryM337-368-4659QB, C, RB, LB
Jay DiminicoM316-761-1371WR, RB, FS, SS, DB, LB
Andrew PorterM816-898-9117QB, WR, RB, FC, SS, DB
MIchelle CaseyF541-508-8805Any
Stephen MarstallM520-440-1265WR, RB, FS, SS
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