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Adult Kickball

Come and relive your childhood glory days with this classic recess game! Kickball is a fun and recreational game that will get your heart rate up while keeping your stress level down. Season is 6 weeks with 12 games (double headers). Teams play with 10 players on the field and are coed. Teams must consist of a minimum of 4 girls.

How to Register

Registration: June 6 - August 29, 2018

Price per team: $350

Pay by phone: (316) 268-4123 with Visa/MasterCard

Pay in person: Visa/MasterCard, check/cash Park & Recreation office, 11th floor of City Hall - 455 N Main.

Playing Location

Wednesday evenings: September 5 -  October 10

South Lakes Softball Complex
5300 S Meridian

​Schedules, Standings & Rules

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Single Player Pool

If you would like your name to be on the list, please fill out the form.

If you have been selected for a team, please resubmit application stating so - place note in any field, please include name.

Submit your name

Jorge De HoyosM316-631-2537Any
Frank PalisiM316-295-7158Any
Jacob DanielM417-827-2034Any
Isaac WarmanM316-314-0471Any (prefer SS or LF)
Nicky BoyleF316-519-5115Any
Siobhan CallananF224-622-2627Any
Shawna WestF316-516-7860Any
Kameron KemnitzM316-573-7704Any
Jimmaron PooleM316-214-6873Any
Christopher BellM316-200-3008Any
Timothy AdamsM910-650-3014Any
Consuelo VinroeF316-204-4012Any
Michelle CaseyM541-508-8805Any
Tom BusenitzM316-799-2408Any
Kurt SchallerM813-416-2801Any