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Softball - Summer

The Wichita Park Department will be offering Coed and Men's Slow Pitch softball leagues this Summer. Registered teams will play double headers on the night of their choice. Competitive and recreational leagues are offered each available night of play, excluding Fridays. Season consists of 16 games. All leagues will be played under USSSA rules.

While we offer both competitive and recreational leagues every available game night, sometimes we don't get enough teams signed up on that night to separate competitive and recreational. In that situation, the leagues will be combined. In a combined league, the top finishing recreational team will also be awarded championship shirts (if combined league contains at least 3 recreational teams).

How to Register

Registration: March 14 - May 20, 2016

Price per team: $485

Pay by phone: (316) 268-4123 with Visa/MasterCard

Pay in person: Visa/MasterCard or check/cash at Park & Recreation office, 11th floor, 8am-4:30pm (M-F)

Adult Softball Registration Form

Playing Locations & Times

League play begins week of March 12, 2017

Men's League Doubleheaders

Tu (SL) | W (SL) | Th (SL) | F (WD) | Su (SL)

Coed League Doubleheaders

Tu (SL) | Th (SL) | F (WSAF) | Su (SL)

Men's Church

Tu (WSAF) | Th (WSAF)

Coed Church


SL = South Lakes
WD = West Douglas
WSAF = West Side Athletic Field

Game Times

Tu-F games play 6:30-9:30pm

Sa games play 5-8pm

Su games have 2 sessions - early and late.
Early session: 1-4pm
Late session: 5-8pm

League Rules

Adult Slow Pitch Softball Rulebook

Schedules, Make-up Games & Standings

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Team Information

Team Roster

Please fill out the roster form prior to your team's first game. This roster can be turned in at the fields or sent in to the league office. Call (316) 268-4123 for more information.

Adult Softball Roster Form

Single Player Pool

If you would like your name to be on the list, please fill out the form.

If you have been selected for a team, please resubmit application stating so - place note in any field, please include name.

Submit your name

Nathaniel JohnsonM316-293-71891B, SS, AnyMens
Eron FergusonM308-379-3141AnyMens
Garrett AllenM​316-617-9929P, OF, 2B, CCoed, Mens
Scott RountreeM316-833-6037AnyCoed
Patrick HarlanM316-200-8036​2B, OFCoed
Ryan KellenbargerM​316-461-6240AnyCoed
Tyler KrizekM​785-656-0408​Any, 3BCoed
Todd St. LouisM772-263-0268SS, 1B, 2BCoed, Mens
Stephen EsauM​316-217-6826OF, 2B, CMens
Kim D EsauM316-288-4314​AnyMens
Craig StaubM​316-409-5186AnyCoed
Janelle AlspaughF316-409-5210AnyCoed
Chloe FF​210-309-7100​3B, AnyCoed
​Loren LukeM​620-218-0778​OFCoed, Mens
Alan AndersonM316-708-6785OF or BasemanCoed, Mens
James HaynesM316-409-9922OFMens
Bri StewartF316-213-15082B, SS, AnyCoed
Joe HobertM316-650-0373AnyMens
Rod Lewis SrM316-706-3188P, C, 1B, 2B, 3B - Sunday EarlyCoed, Mens
Josh PritchardM785-393-1883C, 3B, 1B, DHCoed, Mens
Pat ChittockM330-423-8227OFMens
Evan RileyM785-230-9350AnyCoed
Kyle WasingerM785-643-3628P, SS, 1B, 2BCoed, Mens
Lorie PerkinsF940-704-3489Any, Played entire lifeCoed
Donny HenningM620-491-1586OF, SS, 2BMens
Aaron AdamsM316-833-0125AnyCoed
AJ BrownM316-619-1143OF, weekdays onlyMens
Monica LewisF316-213-6349Any but CCoed
Jeremy RuckerM316-570-4685OFMens
Alex FeyM919-809-9130Any (rookie)Coed
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