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2017 Barry's Crew registration is closed. The 2018 Barry's Crew registration will begin online on December 11, 2017!

​About Barry

Barry has found a home with Wichita Park & Recreation after visiting this great city based on his grandfather's recommendation of his time here! He has become friends with the Park & Recreation Director Troy Houtman, Watson Park ponies and the animals housed in the Kansas Wildlife Exhibit. Now Barry wants to share his experiences and show kids and adults the beauty and fun they could experience in the Wichita parks.

Barry's Crew

Now that Barry lives in the ICT permanently, he started a Crew to make more friends and enjoy exciting adventures all over the city together! In 2018, Barry the Bison has partnered with organizations such as: The Old Cowtown Museum, Wichita Public Golf Courses and the Wichita Public Library. Once you are a part of the Crew, the fun never stops!

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​Join Barry's Crew

Register for the best kids club in Wichita! Be a part of the FUN with Wichita Park & Recreation all year long as one of Barry's Crew Members! Each registered Crew Member (ages 10 and under) will receive a Crew Kit in the mail, which will contain the official Crew Member badge and lanyard, a special events calendar, a phone number to call Barry the Bison to listen to a special message and so much more.

Crew Members will receive a birthday card with a present in the mail during their birthday month. Barry will host exclusive parties for Crew Members and their families at recreation centers, libraries, a swimming pool and the Aviation Museum.

Please note: Crew Kits will arrive 2-3 weeks after registration is received.

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Explore Wichita

This year we are honored to partner with some amazing local attractions for Barry's Crew events! We travel all over to discover the past, present and future of Wichita. Join us as we visit the following attractions:

Wichita Public Golf Courses
Old Cowtown Museum
Kansas Aviation Museum
Wichita Public Library