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We encourage cyclists to heed park rules and refrain from using Pawnee Prairie Park trails until the park project is complete and the proper signage is put in place. We will update our Facebook page as soon as bikes are allowed on the trails. Thank you for your cooperation!

Pawnee Prairie Park

2625 S Tyler, 67209 | 624.49 acres

This semi-regional park along the Cowskin Creek, parcels for which were acquired in the 1960’s and 1970’s, contains a variety of plants and wildlife.

The park has been designated as a Wichita Wild Habitat area and is the largest in the Wichita Park system.

Facilities include a five-mile marked trail in three connecting loops as well as many unmarked trails.

Horseback riding is allowed and a parking area for horse trailers is located at the east entrance at 2625 S. Tyler Road.

Land and Water Conservation Funds, provided by the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks and Tourism as well as the National Park Service, have been used to develop this park.

The equestrian bridge has been stabilized and is now open to the public.

The upstream banks have been modified to prevent erosion.

Picnic Amenities

Charcoal Grills | Parking Lots | Open Shelter | Picnic Tables | Restroom Facilities

Rent an Outdoor Open Shelter


Bridle Trail | Nature Trails | Wichita Wild Habitat

Construction Information

On September 5, 2017, the City Council approved the use of Hyatt Hotel sale funds for several District Improvement projects.

Funding for District IV was allocated to make improvements to Pawnee Prairie Park, which include, but are not limited to, a new Butterfly Garden, Equestrian Parking Improvements, horse, pedestrian and dog watering stations, signage, lighting, benches, picnic tables, as well as existing path and bridge repair.

A new playground will be designed and installed near the west park entrance, and a bicycle path will be designed and installed which will connect the east and west entrances.

Please note that bicycles are NOT allowed in Pawnee Prairie Park until the path is constructed and opened for use.

An estimated timeline of development and construction of these improvements can be found here. It will be updated monthly as work progresses.

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