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Skate Parks

Orchard Skate Park

4808 W 9th St N, 67212

Hours: 6:00am - Midnight (Daily)

Built in December 2005, the 40' x 66' skatepark was designed by SK8Park and includes an 18" 3-sided corner pyramid, a 2'x2'x6' ollie box, a 12"x24" arch rail slide, a 2'x8' quarter pipe and a 2'x8' spine ramp.

This skatepark is designed for beginners.

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Ryan Woodward Memorial Skatepark

5815 E. 9th, 67208

Hours: 6:00am - Midnight (Daily)

This skate park was built in 2007 with a skill level of beginner to intermediate.

The skate park was renamed in 2010 in honor of the late Ryan Woodward. Ryan Christopher Woodward (1993-2009) Avid skate boarder who worked to maintain Wichita's skate parks and promote the sport of skateboarding.

Funds from the Ryan Woodward Memorial Fund are used to maintain and improve Wichita's skate parks.

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Wichita Skate Park

645 S. St. Francis, 67211

Hours: 6:00am - Midnight (Daily)

California Skateparks designed this facility which opened in October 2005. The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks awarded a Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) federal matching grant in the amount of $200,000 to assist with project construction. Total project cost was $480,000.

Located at 645 S. St. Francis in downtown Wichita, the skatepark has already been described as a "destination" park by many of the skateboarders that helped make it happen.

This is because of its unique features, such as being located under an overpass and the fact that the facility is all-concrete, a priority for the 15-member Skatepark Committee. Many skateparks are made of wood and after time need to be replaced.

California Skateparks, a skatepark design firm based in California, builds concrete skateparks utilizing the innovative methods developed by Wally Hollyday, who designed this park.

The skatepark is 12,045 square feet in size (approximately 1/4 of an acre) and features two distinctly different areas. The "Bowl Area" which consists of three bowls made of "shotcrete", a type of concrete that is shot on the surface. The deepest bowl is 9-1/2 feet, one of the deepest in the Midwest. The second bowl is 8-1/2 feet, and the third bowl is 5-1/2 feet.

The "Urban Landscape" provides traditional elements such as the four "Street boxes" also known as "fun boxes", four concrete ramps, stairs, handrails and ledges.

The entire plaza is 100% "skateable" landscape.

Parking for the skatepark is located off of Emporia Street. It should be noted that Emporia runs one way northbound, and St. Francis runs one way southbound. Take the Washington exit off of Kellogg east, turn west on Waterman and turn south on St. Francis.

​Skate Park Rules

The following rules and regulations shall apply to the riding of skateboards on park property:

Within a skate park, it shall be unlawful for any person to:

  1. Ride, operate, or use a skateboard unless that person is wearing a helmet designed for skateboarding with a chin strap, elbow pads designed for skateboarding with plastic elbow caps, and knee pads designed for skateboarding with plastic knee caps, which equipment shall be in good repair at all times during use.
  2. Ride, operate, or utilize a skateboard unless such equipment is in good repair at all times during use.
  3. Be on or use an individual apparatus within the skate park while another person is using it.
  4. Place or utilize additional obstacles or other materials (including but not limited to ramps or jumps) within the skate park.
  5. Use the skate park amenities when the surfaces of the amenities are wet or other conditions exist which would adversely affect the safety of skateboarders.
  6. Enter the skate park while under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs.
  7. Use or engage in profanity, reckless and boisterous behavior (including, but not limited to, tandem riding, pushing, horseplay, and bullying) or any activity which could endanger the safety of persons using the skate park or spectators.
  8. Engage in graffiti, tagging, or other defacing of park property or the property of others.
  9. Ride, operate, or utilize any device other than a skateboard, in-line skates or BMX bicycle (prohibited devices include, but are not limited to, motor vehicles, motorcycles, motor driven vehicles, motorized skateboards, motorized scooters and motorized skates) in or on skate park apparatus.
  10. Enter into a skate park while such park is closed.
  11. Stunts, tricks or luge skateboarding are:
    1. Prohibited in the picnic areas, parking lots, curbs, and surrounding areas of the skate park.
    2. Permitted in the skating area only.

(Ord. No. 48-709 § 49, 4-13-2010)