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All boating activities are "at your risk". The City of Wichita and the Department of Park & Recreation are not responsible for damages or injury caused or allegedly caused by boating activities on the Big Arkansas River. Please be aware that the river bottom is very shallow in many areas and boating should be done with extreme caution and only after a slow surveillance of the entire boating area by the boat operator prior to use.

Be advised that non-motorized craft and motorized craft must share a portion of the river each day. Motorized craft must give non-motorized craft the "right of way" at all times. Boating shall be confined to the center portion of the river.

Power Boat Permits

Power boats, including personal watercraft (jet skis or water bikes), must obtain a daily permit prior to using the river and boat ramp. Permits must be in the possession of the boat operator at all times.

A permit is $7.50 and is issued for a specific boat on a specific day - it is non-transferable. You must visit the Park & Recreation Department to obtain a permit.

455 N. Main, 11th Floor
Wichita, KS 67202
P: (316) 268-4361

Boat Ramp

The boat ramp area is defined as the area between the Lewis Street Bridge and Kellogg Overpass Bridge. The boat ramp will be locked at 9:00pm. Unlawful use of the boat ramp is subject to penalty or prosecution.

Boat Trailers

Boats requiring trailers must use the designated boat ramp.

Time spent on the ramp must be kept to a minimum.

The ramp may not be used for boat repairs.


No person or organization shall operate any concession from within the designated area, which sells or rents boats or boat rides without written permission from the City of Wichita, Department of Park and Recreation.


No fishing allowed from a boat or bridge in the designated area.


No swimming allowed in the designated area.

Water Skiing Activities

One or two persons are allowed to be pulled behind one boat while being held atop the water by their bare feet, water skis, knee boards, ski disk, or inflatable tubes or sleds manufactured for that purpose.