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Wichita Park & Recreation has created an Inflatables Policy with the purpose of establishing guidelines for the safe use of Inflatables (bounce houses, moon bounces, etc.) at City of Wichita Park & Recreation Department (WPR) parks and facilities. WPR desires to provide safe parks and recreational opportunities and is hereby charged with ensuring that individual park patrons and user groups (User) and Inflatables rental companies (Vendor) comply with reasonable standards which promote safety and enjoyment of all WPR facilities. Users and Vendors shall sign a written copy of the policy, agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth. View the Policy here.

  • Users may only use inflatables in designated park locations,
  • must reserve one of these designated locations,
  • may only use vendors on the approved list, and
  • must fill out an Inflatables Use Permit Application.
  • View full user process here.

Are you an Inflatables Vendor interested in being added to our Approved Vendor List? CLICK HERE to apply for WPR Certification.

Approved Vendor List

Vendor Name
​Contact Phone Number
WPR-​Certified Through Date

Currently, there are no vendors that have completed WPR certification. 

​Designated Park Locations

Open Shelters, Gazebos, and Stages

​Park Name
​Park Address
​# of Tables
​Nearby Restrooms?
​Max # Inflatables Allowed*

​Buffalo Park
​10201 Hardtner, 67235
East ​Shelter

​Sycamore Park
​3637 W 15th St N, 67203

​Woodland North Park
​841 W 21st St N, 67203
Shelter 6​ No​

​Dr. Glen Dey Park
​2801 N. Grove, 67219
Yes​ ​5

​Central Riverside Park
​720 Nims, 67203
Stage​ 0​
No​ ​8
​Murdock Park
​1808 E Murdock, 67214
Shelter​ 12​ Yes​ ​10

​Schweiter Park
​900 S. Chautauqua, 67211
Shelter​ 6​ No​ ​8
​Lincoln Park
​1323 S Topeka, 67211
2​ Yes​ ​6
​Emery Memorial Park
​2325 E MacArthur, 67216
Shelter​ 12​ Yes ​14

Open Spaces

Park Name
Park Address​ ​Nearby Restrooms?
Max # Inflatables Allowed*

​South Linwood Park
​1901 S Kansas, 67211
​Call or Email to Reserve
​Edgemoor Park
​5815 E. 9th, 67208
​Call or Email to Reserve
​Boston Park
​6655 E Zimmerly, 67207
Yes​ ​10
​Call or Email to Reserve

*Based on standard 15'x15' size. Any larger inflatables will reduce the max # allowed.

​Watson Park

Inflatables are allowed at Watson Park but will be rented directly from Watson Park staff instead of from a third-party vendor.

CLICK HERE to view more info about inflatables at Watson Park!


​If you wish to obtain an Inflatables Use Permit or become certified as an Approved Vendor, reach out to the special events sales team at 316-268-4663, so they may help you complete the below steps.


  1. Reserve a park shelter, facility, or open space and pay the associated fee. Only designated locations are allowed. The website lists the specifics of each location, including the number and size of inflatables allowed. 
    • Open shelter/gazebo/stage rental – $65 all day (8am-10pm)
      • Available times will be confirmed by a Wichita Park & Recreation representative by calling the number above or using the contact form below.

    • Open space reservation – $50 rental 
      • Available times will be confirmed by a Wichita Park & Recreation representative by calling the number above or using the contact form below.
  2. Submit an Inflatable Use Permit Application
    • Mark the designated location that you have selected for your reservation. 
    • Mark the vendor you have selected from our approved vendor list. These vendors have already been pre-certified as having met Wichita Park & Recreation requirements for inflatables. 
    • Work with your selected vendor to note the number and size of the inflatables you have chosen to rent from them on this application. 
  3. Sign the Inflatables Policy to confirm you have read and understand the Terms & Conditions.
  4. Submit permit fee – $25 for one inflatable plus $5 for each additional inflatable. 

A WPR representative will review your application(s) and reservation. If approved, you will be issued an Inflatable Use Permit along with a confirmation of your reservation. 

All required materials must be submitted in their entirety no later than 10 days before your event date. 


To be completed upon first becoming certified as an Approved Vendor for the Wichita Park & Recreation Department (WPR) and as needed thereafter:
  • Register with the City of Wichita as a Vendor (fill out Vendor Registration Form and supply a W-9). These forms will need to be submitted any time the business name, address, FEIN, or contact information changes. 
To be completed annually, as well as at the time of the initial certification:
  • Submit an Inflatable Vendor Certification Application. 
  • Provide proof of meeting the minimum Liability Insurance Coverage requirements for Wichita Park & Recreation (minimum of $500,000 per occurrence with the City of Wichita named as an “Additional Insured”). 
  • Provide a copy of up-to-date inspection certificate and copies of recent maintenance/inspection records. 
  • Pay a $250 certification fee.  
  • Sign the Inflatables Policy to confirm you have read and understand the Terms & Conditions. 
To be completed throughout the term:
  • If insurance policy does not cover the entire one-year term, you must resubmit proof once the policy is renewed or replaced. 
  • Send weekly reports outlining events coming up at parks in the next two weeks with the following information:
    • Event name and contact person
    • Number of inflatables
    • Location
  • Send an end-of-year report in January with the following information for each location:
    • Total number of events
    • Total number of inflatables

​Application Documents

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