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Historic Preservation Board - Old Town Signage Subcommittee

On November 14, 2022, the Wichita Historic Preservation Board created an ah-hoc subcommittee for the purpose of reviewing the Architectural Design Guidelines for the Old Town District and Wichita-Sedgwick County Unified Zoning Code; and providing a recommendation for how to better align the language related to sign illumination and sign size.


1.  Bob Potter – HPB
2.  Bruce Rowley – HPB
3.  DJ Burk  – Old Town property owner (there was discussion of Dave Burk, but this was later clarified that DJ was the member)
4. Charlie Claycomb – Old Town Association
5.  John Lay – sign production industry representative ​


Technical Advisory Committee

1.  Matt Roth - sign production industry representative​

Ad-Hoc Committee Report 2022-12-09.pdfAd-Hoc Committee Report 2022-12-09
Proposed Language - Draft 1.pdfProposed Language - Draft 1
Proposed Language - Draft 2.pdfProposed Language - Draft 2
Proposed Language - Draft 3.pdfProposed Language - Draft 3
Proposed Language - Draft 4.pdfProposed Language - Draft 4
Proposed Language - Draft 5.pdfProposed Language - Draft 5