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Pedestrian Master Plan


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The Wichita Pedestrian Master Plan is a guide for the City of Wichita, identifying the community needs, vision, and future goals related to walking in the City. It also recommends the prioritized implementation actions and design guidance to help realize the vision.

Planning Process

Below are brief highlights for the Wichita Pedestrian Master Plan planning process.


Two committees were formed in order to help ensure that the City of Wichita Pedestrian Master Plan meets the needs of our community and a planning team was created to staff the planning process. Below are brief descriptions of each committee and the planning team.

Steering Committee

This committee helped to guide the process, develop the plan, and ultimately recommend the final draft for endorsement by the Wichita City Council. There are many ways that the Steering Committee members were involved in the planning process, including the following activities:

  • participated in Steering Committee meetings
  • assisted with project oversight to ensure that this civic initiative accomplishes its purpose on time and within the budget
  • assisted in the development of a plan vision, goals and objectives
  • reviewed and recommended infrastructure changes to achieve the vision
  • reviewed and recommended both policies and programs to achieve the vision
  • helped develop criteria for setting priorities
  • reviewed and provided input on implementation strategies
  • assisted with the two (2) public open house events

Technical Advisory Committee

This committee consisted of City of Wichita staff members. This committee assisted with the plan development by providing technical expertise and internal review of materials related to the plan. The Technical Advisory Committee generally consisted of representatives from City departments that are responsible for planning, designing, constructing, maintaining, and policing public facilities that impact walking.

Planning Team

This team consisted of Planning Department staff, staff from Toole Design Group, and staff from TranSystems. The Planning Team was responsible for organizing the meetings and events, data collection, technical analysis, and writing the Plan document.

​Agendas & Minutes

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01 Wichita Pedestrian Master Plan.pdf01 Wichita Pedestrian Master Plan
02 Wichita Pedestrian Master Plan- Executive Summary.pdf02 Wichita Pedestrian Master Plan- Executive Summary
2013-07-16 TAC PowerPoint Presenation.pdf2013-07-16 TAC PowerPoint Presenation
2015 Annual Implementation Work Plan.pdf2015 Annual Implementation Work Plan
2016 Annual Implementation Work Plan.pdf2016 Annual Implementation Work Plan
Example Photos and Illustrations.pdfExample Photos and Illustrations
Open House No. 1 Report.pdfOpen House No. 1 Report
Open House No.2 Report.pdfOpen House No.2 Report
Pedestrian Facility Workshop-Crossing Countermeasures.pdfPedestrian Facility Workshop-Crossing Countermeasures
Pedestrian Facility Workshop-Crossing Principles.pdfPedestrian Facility Workshop-Crossing Principles
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