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Street Safety Initiative


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Project Description

The Wichita Street Safety Education Initiative will develop a strategy for future safety outreach efforts. The civic initiative will provide opportunities for interested individuals to become certified to teach bicycling classes. The project will also create and implement a training module for City staff. It is anticipated that the planning process will last approximately one year. The City of Wichita project is made possible by grant funding from the Kansas Health Foundation.


Technical Advisory Committee

This committee includes representatives from a variety of organizations (listed below). The committee provides local technical expertise and guidance for the project.

  • City of Wichita Police Department
  • City of Wichita Public Works & Utilities Department
  • Wichita-Sedgwick County Metropolitan Area Planning Department
  • Wichita Transit
  • Wichita Park & Recreation Department
  • Wichita Communications Team
  • Sedgwick County Health Department

Planning Team

This team consists of staff from the Wichita-Sedgwick County Metropolitan Area Planning Department and Alta Planning + Design. The team is responsible for facilitating the meetings, conducting data collection and technical analysis, coordinating the training events, and writing the project documents.


The project process will consist of the following steps:

  1. Review community context and needs
  2. Identify goals and priorities (i.e. desired outcomes)
  3. Conduct behavior analysis (i.e. identify behaviors leading to more frequent and severe crashes, etc.)
  4. Review related local rules and regulations
  5. Select key messages and identify priority delivery methods
  6. Develop recommendations
  7. Produce street safety campaign graphics and images
  8. Create a street safety outreach action plan
  9. Estimate costs
  10. Prepare a training module for police officers
  11. Host League of American Bicyclists training events


Bicycle Ordinances.pdfBicycle Ordinances
Pedestrian Ordinances.pdfPedestrian Ordinances
Project Context and Community Needs.pdfProject Context and Community Needs
Top ten priority behaviors and target audience.pdfTop ten priority behaviors and target audience
Wichita LCI Tech Memo 5 and 6.pdfWichita LCI Tech Memo 5 and 6
Wichita Outreach Strategy Action Plan.pdfWichita Outreach Strategy Action Plan