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Wichita Urban Infill Strategy

What's happening with the Urban Infill Committee?

The next Urban Infill Advisory Committee meeting will be announced shortly, please stay tuned.

The audio for the August 13 Urban Infill Committee Meeting is available. (see Meeting Audio below)

A Special Planning Commission Meeting took place Tuesday, August 14, 2018 at the new Advanced Learning Library. The Gould Evans consulting team for Wichita: Places for People presented ideas on how access within the Established Central Area (ECA) could be redesigned and made more walkable for everyone.

Available for downloading: The Walkable Development Book (including Appendices A & B), the Vision Book and Zoning Recommendations 

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For more information on this initiative, contact Mary Hunt at (316) 268-4445 or email Mary Hunt.

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In late 2015 and early 2016, the City and County respectively adopted a new joint comprehensive Plan called the Community Investments Plan 2015-2035. This Plan contains a new Wichita Urban Infill Strategy intended to encourage population and employment growth, residential and commercial development and reinvestment in the older mature neighborhoods of Wichita. To this end, the City has begun a multi-year effort to move forward with implementation of the:

  • Wichita Urban Infill Strategy contained in the Community Investments Plan 2015-2035;
  • Strategic actions contained in the Community Building Blocks Infill Development Strategies...Wichita, Kansas, Next Steps Memorandum, April 8, 2016.

A Wichita Urban Infill Advisory Committee has been created to provide neighborhood and community perspective/feedback on the City's urban infill development efforts. The Advisory Committee will receive technical support and guidance from a Staff Project Team. This Team will also initiate those city staffing actions necessary and associated with the implementation of the urban infill implementation action priorities.

Urban Infill Advisory Committee Meeting Schedule

City of Wichita Urban Infill Implementation Actions*: 2016-17 Priorities and Status

(Revised 10-20-16)

*Reflecting the Wichita Urban Infill Strategy contained in the Community Investments Plan 2015-2035, and the Community Building Blocks Infill Development Strategies...Wichita, Kansas, Next Steps Memorandum, April 8, 2016

Project Team

The Staff Project Team will be comprised of appropriate individuals representing the following Departments with direct and indirect interests in urban infill development initiatives.

Urban Infill Coordinator/Manager

  • Mary Hunt, Metropolitan Area Planning Department (MAPD)

Core Staff Project Team Members (supplemented with additional staff as appropriate)

  • John Hall & Mark Stanberry, Housing & Community Services Department (H&CSD)
  • J.R. Cox, Deb Legge, Paul Hays, Metropolitan Area Building Construction Department (MABCD)
  • Scott Knebel & Kathy Morgan, Metropolitan Area Planning Department (MAPD)
  • Janet Johnson, Office of Community Services (OCS)
  • Mark Elder & Scott Rigby, Office of Urban Development (OUD)
  • Julianne Kallman, Public Works & Utilities Department (PW&UD)
  • Stu Bevis, Wichita Fire Department (WFD)
  • Troy Livingston, Wichita Police Department (WPD)
  • Philip Zevenbergen, Wichita Transit (WT)

Advisory Committee

​Agendas & Meeting Summaries

2018-08-13 Agenda.pdf2018-08-13 Agenda
2018-06-25 Meeting Summary.pdf2018-06-25 Meeting Summary
2018-06-25 Agenda.pdf2018-06-25 Agenda
2018-04-10 Meeting Summary.pdf2018-04-10 Meeting Summary
2018-04-09 DRAFT Meeting Summary.pdf2018-04-09 DRAFT Meeting Summary
2018-04-09 Agenda.pdf2018-04-09 Agenda
2018-03-12 Meeting Summary.pdf2018-03-12 Meeting Summary
2018-03-12 Agenda.pdf2018-03-12 Agenda
2018-02-12 Meeting Summary.pdf2018-02-12 Meeting Summary
2018-02-12 Gould-Evans Walkable Development Plan Powerpoint.pdf2018-02-12 Gould-Evans Walkable Development Plan Powerpoint
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Meeting Audio