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What's happening with Wichita: Places for People?

Wichita: Places for People was unanimously recommended by the Urban Infill Advisory Committee to be forwarded to the Planning Commission for consideration. Stay tuned to this site for information when this will occur.  The final version of the Wichita: Places for People Plan is available at the links below.

DRAFT- Wichita: Places for People 

Thank you, Urban Infill Advisory Committee!

The Wichita Urban Infill Advisory Committee is to be commended for its efforts in moving the Urban Infill Strategy toward implementation. The Committee unanimously approved the Wichita:Places for People Plan; it has not been sent to the Planning Commission yet. 

For more information on this initiative, contact Mary Hunt at (316) 268-4445.

A Little History-

In late 2015 and early 2016, the City and County respectively adopted a new joint comprehensive Plan called the Community Investments Plan 2015-2035. This Plan contains a new Wichita Urban Infill Strategy intended to encourage population and employment growth, residential and commercial development and reinvestment in the older mature neighborhoods of Wichita. To this end an Urban Infill Advisory Committee was created to provide neighborhood and community perspective/feedback on the City's urban infill development efforts. The Advisory Committee was assisted by a technical advisory group.

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