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Vacant Lot Inventory

​What is the Vacant Lot Inventory?

It is a point in time survey of vacant lots in the area bounded by 9th St. on the south, E. 28th St. on the north, between N. Grove Ave. and N. Hillside Ave.


The purpose is to help implement the Wichita: Places for People Plan (adopted 2019). The Plan recommends reinvestment in the core of Wichita and recommended the establishment of a Land Bank as one tool to help make this happen. The Wichita Land Bank was established in 2021. The Land Bank, local developers and anyone interested may use this vacant lot information as a source for possible infill development efforts in this area of north-central Wichita.


During the fall of 2022 volunteers conducted the vacant lot inventory. Planning Department staff used the inventory information to create GIS/map data.


Click here for two Vacant Lot Inventory maps.

The map depicts two kinds of vacant lots. The lots marked as RED are vacant of any structure and owned by someone other than an abutting lot* owner.

The lots marked as BLUE are vacant of structures however, they are owned and maintained by the owner of an abutting lot.

* An abutting lot is one that is touching, adjoining or contiguous to another lot.