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Gang Unit | Felony Assault

The Gang Unit/Felony Assault section consists of eleven Detectives and one Sergeant that are supervised by one Lieutenant. The section is responsible for the investigation of all Aggravated Assault/Battery cases and Weapons Violations that occur in the City of Wichita. Gang Unit/Felony Assault Detectives can be reached below:

City Hall
455 N Main, 6th Floor
Wichita, KS 67202
Hours: 8am - 5pm (M-F)

Lt. Chad Beard Section CommanderEmail(316) 268-4191
Sgt. Brad ElmoreSection CommanderEmail(316) 268-4191
Det. CoxInvestigatorEmail(316) 268-4191
Det. HermanInvestigatorEmail(316) 268-4191
Det. BooneInvestigatorEmail(316) 268-4191
Det. JerrellInvestigatorEmail(316) 268-4191
Det. Lemons InvestigatorEmail(316) 268-4191
Det. HutchinsInvestigatorEmail(316) 268-4191
Det. HicksInvestigatorEmail(316) 268-4191
Det. HowardInvestigatorEmail(316) 268-4191
Det. MooreInvestigatorEmail(316) 268-4191
Det. MosesInvestigatorEmail(316) 268-4191
Det. InkelaarInvestigatorEmail(316) 268-4191