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The Investigations Division is comprised of three investigative bureaus that are primarily responsible for the follow-up investigation of crimes committed against persons or property in the City of Wichita. Cases are forwarded by Field Services Division (patrol) and our Police Case Desk, and they are reviewed by supervisors and detectives.

If you have any questions or need information about your case, please contact us at (316) 268-4407.

Property Crimes Bureau

The Property Crimes Bureau consists of the Burglary Section, Larceny Section, Financial Crimes Section and Auto Theft Section. The mission of the Property Crimes Bureau is to thoroughly investigate criminal cases, with the intent to identify and charge offenders, recover stolen property, and prepare cases for successful prosecution.

Burglary | Financial CrimesAuto Theft | Larceny

Crimes Against Persons Bureau

The Crimes Against Persons Bureau consists of the Homicide Section, Gang/Felony Assault Section, Sex Crimes/Domestic Violence Section, Exploited and Missing Children's Unit, and Robbery/Accident Follow-up Section. Each section performs a variety of functions such as collecting and submitting evidence, documenting and following up on criminal investigations, monitoring criminal activity and providing assistance to victims of crime.

Homicide | RobberyCold Case UnitSex Crimes | Domestic ViolenceGang Unit | Felony AssaultExploited and Missing Child Unit

Special Investigations Bureau

The Special Investigations Bureau consists of the Administrative Section, Vice Section, and the Narcotics Section. Each section specializes in the investigation of drug and vice-related complaints. The Special Investigations Bureau investigates crimes that include liquor violations, illegal gambling, and drug offenses.

Administrative SectionVice SectionNarcotics Section

Technical Services Bureau

The Technical Services Bureau provides crime scene investigation to the Wichita Police Department through recognition, collection and preservation of physical evidence. The Technical Services Bureau provides this department and outside agencies with the examination and analysis of physical evidence and expert testimony in a court of law to aid in the prosecution of the guilty and the protection of the innocent.

Property & EvidenceCrime Scene Investigators

Victims Assistance Unit

The Victims Assistance Unit provides support for the emotional, cognitive and physical needs of victims of crime. This will be accomplished through crisis intervention, direct assistance, advocacy, education, information, outsourced therapy and referrals.

Victims Assistance Unit

Deputy Chief Jose Salcido,
Investigations Division Commander

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