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Accessible Parking Program

The Accessible Parking Program assists in the endeavor to provide access to parking reserved for people with disabilities. Volunteers are utilized to identify violations pertaining to unlawfully parking within accessible parking areas, as well as those who unlawfully block access zones. It is with the volunteers that violators will be identified and violations of these laws will be ultimately be enforced.

Description of the Program

The volunteer program will be utilized for the identification of possible violations of the laws regarding parking within a designated accessible parking area, as well as access zone violations only. The program will also assist the Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department (MABCD) in review of potential deviations from required parking lot configuration practices.

The volunteer program will be supervised and managed by the Wichita Police Department. The volunteers shall report to, and be subject to direct supervision, by a law enforcement officer designated by the Chief of Police. The supervisor shall provide for initial training of the volunteers, continuing educational training of the volunteers, and monthly meetings with the volunteers, background checks on volunteer applicants, and screening of violations for issuance of citations.

Parking lot configuration violations will be handled as directed by MABCD. The law enforcement supervisor, or others with authority to issue citations, shall review photos taken of alleged violations and shall cause citations to be issued in instances that support prosecutable violations. The law enforcement officer shall retain discretion over cases that should or should not be filed. The City of Wichita Department of Law retains prosecutorial discretion over all violations or alleged violations, during all stages of the process.

Description of Duty

A volunteer patrols parking lots photographing violations of the accessible parking ordinances, within the City of Wichita. Volunteers may request citations for displaying an expired handicapped placard, unauthorized parking in an accessible parking space, parking in an access aisle, or blocking an accessible parking space. The volunteer will report to, and be supervised by a law enforcement officer designated by the Chief of Police. The volunteer will appear and testify in court when requested by the City of Wichita Department of Law. Volunteers must consider equity and justice when photographing possible violations. It is vital to this program that volunteers strive to promote accessible parking lots for people with disabilities, but just as importantly serve as ambassadors for the City of Wichita.

Accessible Parking Program Application

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