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Public Relations

Officer Charley Davidson

P: (316) 268-4217

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Officer Paul Cruz

P: (316) 268-4605

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Officer Trevor Macy

P: (316) 268-4606

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Media Reports

09-17-21 media report.pdf09-17-21 media report
09-17-21 arrest report.pdf09-17-21 arrest report
09-16-21 media report.pdf09-16-21 media report
09-16-21 arrest report.pdf09-16-21 arrest report
09-15-21 Media Report.pdf09-15-21 Media Report
09-15-21 Arrest Report.pdf09-15-21 Arrest Report
09-14-21 media report.pdf09-14-21 media report
09-14-21 arrest report.pdf09-14-21 arrest report
09-13-21 Media Report.pdf09-13-21 Media Report
09-13-21 Arrest Report.pdf09-13-21 Arrest Report
09-10-21 Media Report.pdf09-10-21 Media Report
09-10-21 Arrest Report.pdf09-10-21 Arrest Report
09-09-21 Media Report.pdf09-09-21 Media Report
09-09-21 Arrest Report.pdf09-09-21 Arrest Report
09-08-21 Media Report.pdf09-08-21 Media Report
09-08-21 Arrest Report.pdf09-08-21 Arrest Report
09-07-21 Media Report.pdf09-07-21 Media Report
09-07-21 Arrest Report.pdf09-07-21 Arrest Report
09-06-21 Media Report.pdf09-06-21 Media Report
09-06-21 Arrest Report.pdf09-06-21 Arrest Report
09-03-21 media report.pdf09-03-21 media report
09-03-21 arrest report.pdf09-03-21 arrest report

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