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Public Relations

Officer Charley Davidson

P: (316) 268-4217

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Officer Paul Cruz

P: (316) 268-4605

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Media Reports

11-20-18 media report.pdf11-20-18 media reportNew
11-20-18 arrest report.pdf11-20-18 arrest reportNew
11-19-18 media report.pdf11-19-18 media reportNew
11-19-18 arrest report.pdf11-19-18 arrest reportNew
11-16-18 media report.pdf11-16-18 media report
11-16-18 arrest report.pdf11-16-18 arrest report
11-15-18 media report.pdf11-15-18 media report
11-15-18 arrest report.pdf11-15-18 arrest report
11-14-18 media report.pdf11-14-18 media report
11-14-18 arrest report.pdf11-14-18 arrest report
11-13-18 media report.pdf11-13-18 media report
11-13-18 arrest report.pdf11-13-18 arrest report
11-12-18 media report.pdf11-12-18 media report
11-12-18 arrest report.pdf11-12-18 arrest report
11-09-18 media report.pdf11-09-18 media report
11-09-18 arrest report.pdf11-09-18 arrest report
11-08-18 media report.pdf11-08-18 media report
11-08-18 arrest report.pdf11-08-18 arrest report
11-07-18 media report.pdf11-07-18 media report
11-07-18 arrest report.pdf11-07-18 arrest report
11-06-18 media report.pdf11-06-18 media report
11-06-18 arrest report.pdf11-06-18 arrest report

News Releases

2018-11-19 Kidnapping, Robbery, Arson, Burglary Arrest.pdf2018-11-19 Kidnapping, Robbery, Arson, Burglary ArrestNew
2018-11-16 Attempted Murder Arrest.pdf2018-11-16 Attempted Murder ArrestNew
2018-11-15 Attempted Murder Arrest Warrant Issued.pdf2018-11-15 Attempted Murder Arrest Warrant Issued
2018-11-13 Operation Save-A-Casing.pdf2018-11-13 Operation Save-A-Casing
2018-11-07 North High and P4 Fire Arms Update.pdf2018-11-07 North High and P4 Fire Arms Update
2018-11-06 North High and P4 Fire Arms.pdf2018-11-06 North High and P4 Fire Arms
2018-11-06 3rd and Washington Fatality Accident Update.pdf2018-11-06 3rd and Washington Fatality Accident Update
2018-11-05 Burglary Arrest.pdf2018-11-05 Burglary Arrest
2018-11-03 9900 E. Harry Fatality Accident.pdf2018-11-03 9900 E. Harry Fatality Accident
2018-11-02 Testing of Sexual Assault Kits.pdf2018-11-02 Testing of Sexual Assault Kits
2018-10-26 Fatality Accident 4141 S. Seneca.pdf2018-10-26 Fatality Accident 4141 S. Seneca
2018-10-23 Presto Armed Robbery.pdf2018-10-23 Presto Armed Robbery
2018-10-23 Delux Inn Homicide Arrest.pdf2018-10-23 Delux Inn Homicide Arrest
2018-10-22 Stabbing 2232 S. Broadway.pdf2018-10-22 Stabbing 2232 S. Broadway
2018-10-20 NuWay Robbery Arrest.pdf2018-10-20 NuWay Robbery Arrest
2018-10-20 Harry and Woodlawn Shooting.pdf2018-10-20 Harry and Woodlawn Shooting
2018-10-18 aggravated battery arrests.pdf2018-10-18 aggravated battery arrests
2018-10-17 armed robberies arrest.pdf2018-10-17 armed robberies arrest
2018-10-03 attempted murder, child abuse arrest.pdf2018-10-03 attempted murder, child abuse arrest
2018-09-28 Agg Burglary Arrest.pdf2018-09-28 Agg Burglary Arrest
2018-09-18 18 year old Arrrested for Possession of Multiple Drugs.pdf2018-09-18 18 year old Arrrested for Possession of Multiple Drugs
2018-09-11 Recovered Stolen Property, Arrests Made.pdf2018-09-11 Recovered Stolen Property, Arrests Made
2018-09-09 Aggravated Assult Arrest, 3400 S. Illinois.pdf2018-09-09 Aggravated Assult Arrest, 3400 S. Illinois
2018-09-07 Sexual Assault Arrest.pdf2018-09-07 Sexual Assault Arrest
2018-08-30 Child Death Investigation.pdf2018-08-30 Child Death Investigation
2018-08-29 Violent Crimes Arrest.pdf2018-08-29 Violent Crimes Arrest
2018-08-26 Homicide, 2300 N. Chautauqua.pdf2018-08-26 Homicide, 2300 N. Chautauqua
2018-08-26 Homicide Arrest, 2300 N. Chautauqua.pdf2018-08-26 Homicide Arrest, 2300 N. Chautauqua
2018-08-24 Seven arrested for sex crimes.pdf2018-08-24 Seven arrested for sex crimes
2018-08-23 Fatality Accident, Longlake and Longford.pdf2018-08-23 Fatality Accident, Longlake and Longford
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