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Public Relations

Officer Charley Davidson

P: (316) 268-4217

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Officer Paul Cruz

P: (316) 268-4605

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Media Reports

07-16-18 media report.pdf07-16-18 media reportNew
07-16-18 arrest report.pdf07-16-18 arrest reportNew
07-13-18 media report.pdf07-13-18 media report
07-13-18 arrest report.pdf07-13-18 arrest report
07-12-18 media report.pdf07-12-18 media report
07-12-18 arrest report.pdf07-12-18 arrest report
07-11-18 media report.pdf07-11-18 media report
07-11-18 arrest report.pdf07-11-18 arrest report
07-10-18 media report.pdf07-10-18 media report
07-10-18 arrest report.pdf07-10-18 arrest report
07-09-18 media report.pdf07-09-18 media report
07-09-18 arrest report.pdf07-09-18 arrest report
07-05-18 media report.pdf07-05-18 media report
07-05-18 arrest report.pdf07-05-18 arrest report
07-04-18 media report.pdf07-04-18 media report
07-04-18 arrest report.pdf07-04-18 arrest report
07-03-18 media report.pdf07-03-18 media report
07-03-18 arrest report.pdf07-03-18 arrest report
07-02-18 media report.pdf07-02-18 media report
07-02-18 arrest report.pdf07-02-18 arrest report

News Releases

2018-07-09 Runaways.pdf2018-07-09 Runaways
2018-07-09 Runaways Update.pdf2018-07-09 Runaways Update
2018-07-08 Juan Caballeros.pdf2018-07-08 Juan Caballeros
2018-07-03 Trey Williams.pdf2018-07-03 Trey Williams
2018-07-03 Home Invasion.pdf2018-07-03 Home Invasion
2018-07-03 4 of july pets.pdf2018-07-03 4 of july pets
2018-07-02 Robert Hill.pdf2018-07-02 Robert Hill
2018-06-27 Domestic Violence Related Homicide Update.pdf2018-06-27 Domestic Violence Related Homicide Update
2018-06-26 Domestic Violence Related Homicide.pdf2018-06-26 Domestic Violence Related Homicide
2018-06-25 Gang Releated shooting.pdf2018-06-25 Gang Releated shooting
2018-06-25 Central and Nims Shooting Update.pdf2018-06-25 Central and Nims Shooting Update
2018-06-14 Burglary Arrest.pdf2018-06-14 Burglary Arrest
2018-06-13 Fatality Accident Update.pdf2018-06-13 Fatality Accident Update
2018-06-11 Weekend Updates.pdf2018-06-11 Weekend Updates
2018-06-10 Media Advisory.pdf2018-06-10 Media Advisory
2018-06-09 1600 S. Erie.pdf2018-06-09 1600 S. Erie
2018-06-09 1600 S. Erie update.pdf2018-06-09 1600 S. Erie update
2018-06-08 Woman Found Dead.pdf2018-06-08 Woman Found Dead
2018-05-30 Community Crime Mapping.pdf2018-05-30 Community Crime Mapping
2018-05-25 Lucas Hernandez Identified.pdf2018-05-25 Lucas Hernandez Identified
2018-05-25 Boy's Body Found in Harvey County.pdf2018-05-25 Boy's Body Found in Harvey County
2018-05-22 WPD Make Arrest in DV Case.pdf2018-05-22 WPD Make Arrest in DV Case
2018-05-22 Actions of Officers Review.pdf2018-05-22 Actions of Officers Review
2018-05-16 Lucas Hernandez Search.pdf2018-05-16 Lucas Hernandez Search
2018-05-08 Veteran's Park Update.pdf2018-05-08 Veteran's Park Update
2018-05-07 Shots fired disturbance update.pdf2018-05-07 Shots fired disturbance update
2018-05-07 Maize Teacher Arrested.pdf2018-05-07 Maize Teacher Arrested
2018-05-04 Child Abuse Investigation.pdf2018-05-04 Child Abuse Investigation
2018-04-30 2nd Annual Blight Tow Project.pdf2018-04-30 2nd Annual Blight Tow Project
2018-04-28 Off-Duty Officer Fatality Accident.pdf2018-04-28 Off-Duty Officer Fatality Accident
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