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Deputy Chief Jose Salcido - Investigations Division

Jose is a twenty-two year veteran of the department. His assignments include patrol officer, community policing officer and supervisor, Gang Intelligence officer, Undercover Narcotics Detective, Gang Unit Detective, Patrol and SCAT Sergeant, Patrol East Watch Commander, and most recently worked as the Patrol South Bureau Commander.

Jose's awards include four Bronze Wreaths of Merit, a Silver Wreath of Valor, and two safe driving awards.

Jose holds two master degrees, an MBA and a Masters Degree in Military Operational Art and Science through the United States Air Force. Jose is a retired Major from the Kansas Air National Guard, where he served as a Medical Administrator and is a veteran of Desert Storm and the Global War on Terror.

Jose was formerly an adjunct instructor for the Wichita Area Technical College at South High School where he taught Criminal Procedure and at Newman University.

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Deputy Chief Jose Salcido, Investigations Division Commander