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Application Process

Here is the process to begin your exciting career!

  1. Create an account through Human Resources to begin the application process.Create an account
  2. Complete aptitude test for Police Recruit. Contact City of Wichita Human Resources at (316) 268-4531 to schedule the test.
  3. After you have passed the aptitude test, download the physical fitness packet and have it signed by a licensed medical professional; physician, chiropractor, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner.  Then contact a pre-hirement detective at the Wichita Police Department training bureau at 316-660-3810 to schedule your physical agility test.  This must be completed prior to receiving your fist contact interview.
    Print off Physical Fitness Packet
  4. Complete the First Contact Questionnaire, or print it off and return it to:
    Wichita-Sedgwick County Law Enforcement Training Center
    4310 E. 19th Street North
    Wichita, KS 67260
    Complete the First Contact Questionnaire
  5. Pre-employment staff will perform a background check.
  6. Selected candidates will be contacted to set up a first contact interview with a member of the pre-employment section.
  7. Recruitment staff will schedule your oral board interview. After successful completion of the oral board interview, you will be placed on an eligibility list.
  8. The next three steps include a polygraph examination, home interview, and command staff interview.
  9. The final three steps include a psychological examination, physical examination, and Cooper's Run - 1.5 mile run in 14 minutes or less.

Out of State Applicants

Out of state applicants will go through the same application process, but we will attempt to minimize required travel to Wichita. If you have any questions, call the pre-employment section at (316) 660-3810.

Veteran's Preference

If you are interested in receiving Veteran's Preference, you must submit your DD 214 during your first contact interview at the Training Center. Qualified veterans are guaranteed an interview for a position for which they apply and meet the qualifications for the position, but are not guaranteed to be hired for the job. Spouses of veterans may also receive preference, and must submit a copy of their marriage license with the DD 214 paperwork.


If you have any questions about the hiring process, please contact Human Resources at (316) 268-4531 or the Training Academy at (316) 660-3810.

If you have additional questions in regard to recruitment, qualifications, etc., you may send your email inquiry to Lieutenant Carl Hill.

Email Lieutenant Carl Hill