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Welcome to the Wichita Police Department Recruitment page. The Wichita Police Department, the Largest Police Department in the State of Kanas, is a diverse police department of 900 personnel in the 48th largest city in the United States. We are glad that you have taken the time to look at the information we have to provide you. Different links are provided to help answer questions that you may have.

If you are looking for a challenging career that is rewarding and helps invest in the community to continue to make it a safe and livable city, now is the time to apply with the Wichita Police Department.

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Diversity of the Wichita Police Department


Meet Officer Zongker, Military to Patrol Officer

Wichita Police Department Recruiting
4310 E. 19th St. N. • Wichita, KS 67208

P: (316) 660-3810 • F: (316) 858-7791
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